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Why I Became a Nurse

Have you ever wondered why people become nurses rather than doctors? Or, what is it that makes a nurse the special person that is able to calm even the most devastated patient? The decision of people to become a rn to bsn is rather complex in some cases, and for others it is the right choice. Nurses are special people that make life better in the most uncomfortable circumstances. Not everyone is able to be a nurse. It takes a special personality found within the being of a person to be an effective nurse. It is a career choice that chooses the person rather than the person choosing the career. There are special traits that are found in a person that makes them the most effective nurse they can be.

Characteristics of Those Who Become Nurses

  • Caring: In order to be an effective nurse the person must have a caring personality. Some people have to work at caring for people in need while others it seems to come naturally. They are people focused rather than self focused. People sense that they really care and are not just interested in completing a shift at work.
  • Detailed Oriented: Nurses are people who by nature are organized and can multi-task. They pay attention to detail so that mistakes are hard to come by. They realize that if they make one mistake then people can be harmed and that is something that they do not want to happen.
  • Sympathetic but Stable: A nurse is a person who is sympathetic with their patients and yet can remain detached so their life remains stable. Nurses see life and death on a daily basis. They see little babies come into the world and young children who are afflicted with all sorts of maladies. If they fail to remove themselves from the patient after work then their personal life will suffer. But, they still are sympathetic and share feelings while they are with the people because they care.
  • Strong: The shifts that nurses are called to work are very demanding because of the uniqueness of the hours. Many times the hours are long and often into the night. They must be able to endure the physical output that the job demands. They are often walking for 12 hours at a time from patient to patient. Should a shift be short on personal they might have to cover the lacking person and work harder than normal.
  • Focused: Nurses are people who can think quickly on their feet. Sometimes they assist in cases that require the people to move fast in order to save a life. They must communicate well and be able to think on their feet. When it comes to communication they must know the right words to say and when to say them. A word spoken wrong can have bad consequences.
  • Dedicated: Nurses have to be people who are dedicated to the well being of others. They put others before themselves and often at times that hard for them to do so. They work with difficult patients on a daily basis but they still give the same care and compassion to every single person.