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What to Look for When Choosing an RN to BSN School

If you are a registered nurse, but you want more opportunity for career advancement, you may consider going back to school for an RN to BSN degree; RN to BSN schools are a great way to get your degree much more quickly than traditional nursing schools. BSN programs allow you to obtain your degree more quickly. Many people do not realize that there are many different levels of nursing, which starts out by just receiving a certificate to become a nurse. Many colleges have BSN nursing schools that will offer a four-year degree upon graduation. Community colleges offer an associate’s degree, but you can save time by going to nursing schools BSN programs. Online BSN schools are also available for non-traditional nursing students juggling a career, a family and nursing school.

General Requirements for BSN Schools

Most BSN schools have a general education requirement in addition to the nursing school requirements. If you are attending a traditional college, you will not apply to a BSN program until you have completed your general education requirements. In order to enroll in the program you will need to have specific classes you have completed as well as a good GPA. An RN to BSN school program will take you from your associate’s degree to your bachelor’s degree in nursing. They will look at your graduating GPA, as well as your work experience when they are considering you to admittance to the program.

When you are looking for a program you need to make sure that it is accredited. You can contact your state board of nursing for a list of accredited schools in your state or you can contact the American Nursing Association to find out which programs are accredited. Your current employer may be willing to pay for you to get a higher nursing degree. If you are planning on working while attending school, you may want to choose a program that offers evening classes or allows you to complete your classes quickly in set blocks of time.

Curricula for BSN Nursing Schools

BSN nursing schools have to cover the material necessary to help you pass the boards to work as a registered nurse. The RN to BSN school program will allow you to skip your general education requirements and go directly to the nursing requirements. The classes will focus on providing care and understanding the duties of the nurse. Additionally, students will need to complete a set of clinical hours with the additional responsibilities that a BSN nurse can do. You will be able to charge a floor once you have your BSN, whereas you may not be able to do that with an associate’s degree.

The program that will take you from being a RN to a BSN usually last about eighteen months, though they may take as long as a year to complete; the duration of online BSN programs will vary, depending on the number of credits being taken at any given time. The nursing school BSN program for RNs is often more willing to work around nurses that are already working and offer classes in the evening or on set days that allows you to work while attending school. The clinical hours will help to prepare you for the practical portion of the board exams, while the classes will help you to pass the written portion of the exam.

Opportunities for Graduates of BSN Schools

There are many opportunities for graduates of nursing school BSN program. These nurses will have the opportunity to become shift managers and to work at doctors’ offices and hospitals. These nurses are in higher demand than RNs. The pay rate is also higher, and there is an increased opportunity for advancement in the field. Many hospitals are beginning to require that you have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to work in the hospital. It is important to be proactive in your career and to make the transition before you are forced to. Many employers will pay for you to complete your bachelor’s degree through a tuition reimbursement program, which will make getting an advanced degree easier.

The field of nursing will continue to grow, particularly in the specialties of geriatric and palliative care. You may have the opportunity to work as a home health nurse, to work in a hospital or rest home or at a doctor’s office. There are also jobs that allow you to travel as a nurse or extra pay if you are willing to go into an area that has a high demand for nurses.