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What Can You Do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal justice is a very popular field of study that many students look to achieve if they would like a career in law enforcement or other criminal justice related jobs. Those interested in protecting their communities and solving crime are typically people who will opt to receive a criminal justice degree. There are many interesting and exciting jobs in criminal justice that are sure to make any crime solver happy. Some of the main categories of jobs with a criminal justice degree can include law enforcement, criminal investigations, legal, and corrections, to name a few. Each of the careers available to people with a criminal justice degree is rewarding, exciting, and dynamic.

Police officers do not necessarily have to have a criminal justice degree, but for larger cities it is often required. In order to move up among the ranks, most cities require officers to have this degree in order to be promoted. In smaller rural areas, jobs with a criminal justice degree are not as pertinent, however it is always advised to have the degree so you can move up or advance to other ranks. Students looking to become a police officer will find the criminal justice curriculum informative and interesting. A solid knowledge of the law and the role that police play in keeping the peace as well as protecting their fellow citizens is important. The basic rules of law are essential to anyone interested in criminal justice degree jobs.

Investigative teams are another very important part of the criminal justice system. Whether it is homicide investigation, science based investigation, or simply assisting local law enforcement with the investigation of various crimes, this is a very important career choice. Graduates must be good at analytical thinking and have a background in science and mathematics. Crime scene investigation is another example of a position within the investigative sector. A corrections officer is yet another example of the many different criminal justice jobs available. These officers work in prisons, detention centers, and juvenile corrections facilities. They must be able to deal with being in close contact with criminals on a daily basis, understand how the corrections system works, and know the current laws in place in order to work in this particular field. Graduates with a criminal justice degree should have a working understanding of how to properly follow the law when it comes to jobs in criminal justice.

There are many other jobs with a criminal justice degree that are available to those who are interested. ATF agents train for months in order to work for the bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and having the criminal justice degree is essential in this case. Other important criminal justice jobs include a customs agent, DEA agent, ICE agent, homeland security, and even the US Marshalls or Secret Service. These positions are important in helping to maintain the safety of all United States citizens, and require people to be physically fit and to have knowledge of the current laws put in place as well as a thorough understanding of the US Constitution. Working in this type of environment can be dangerous and therefore proper usage and handling of firearms is also required in order to be hired for these types of criminal justice degree jobs. People who are interested in criminal justice jobs typically have a passion and a real love of protecting the safety of others.

For those who are seeking criminal justice degree jobs that are less intense, the field of forensics is a good choice. Much like investigations, forensics involves the use of science and research in order to find and catch criminals. Computer forensics involves an intense knowledge of how computers work and how to find information that is not easily obtainable by the average computer user. Obtaining evidence through the use of computer forensics can help law enforcement find the evidence they need in order to prosecute criminals. The field of forensic science involves finding and collecting as well as analyzing evidence like hair samples, blood samples, fingernails, and fabric samples in order to present them to a court for a criminal trial. As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to exciting jobs in criminal justice.