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What Can You Do with a Communications Degree?

The field of career opportunities is wide open for an individual who has earned a communications degree. The ability to communicate in an understandable and persuasive way is a useful skill for those searching for jobs with a communications degree. Furthermore, communication isn’t limited to a person’s speaking skills. Writing is also an important form of communication. The following takes a look at some possibilities for jobs with a communications degree. In addition, students with related degrees such as a public relations degree, journalism degree, an MBA in marketing, and masters in marketing will also find some practical information.

First, a person with a communication degree may want to look at a job in the media. The media includes television, radio, the Internet, newspapers, and magazines. For instance, a person with a degree in communications may find satisfying work as a news writer for a television station. The person’s studies in the area of communications would help him or her to write copy that would grab an audience’s attention and provide them with thorough, accurate information. Alternatively, someone with a communication degree may prefer a more visible occupation like that of a talk show host or an actor. The median hourly wage for an actor in May 2008 was $16.59 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Of course, experience and notoriety can greatly increase an actor’s salary. Knowledge of how to easily interact with others is helpful for a person looking at jobs with a communications degree. People with a degree in communications also work in the fields of politics, healthcare, sales, journalism, and the legal profession. In short, a person with a degree in communications can be found in all sorts of occupational arenas.

Someone with a public relations degree has a lot of job choices as well. Many people with this degree work in the public relations department of a corporation or perhaps a large university. A person working at either of these places may have a job title of public relations specialist or PR manager. The annual median salary for a public relations specialist in May of 2008 was $51,280 (BLS). In addition, there are various opportunities for someone with a public relations degree in the field of research. A person working in this area may be responsible for conducting studies to determine public opinion about an important social issue. A high level of communication skill would be necessary for someone dealing with the public. Some other jobs for a person with a public relations degree include publicity manager, sales manager, and media analyst.

An individual with a journalism degree may want to checkout jobs in the publishing field. Journalistic skills can be useful in editing work as well as writing. The annual median salary for editors in May 2008 was $57,180(BLS). News reporters for television and radio stations need to have a journalistic background. The average median yearly salary for a news reporter was $34,850 in May of 2008(BLS). A journalism degree is also useful to book authors, script writers, and researchers for corporations. A solid background in succinct writing that encompasses all of the facts is a valuable skill in many career fields.

There are many work environments that are appropriate for someone with an MBA in marketing. Both big and small companies need a person with excellent business skills to find the most effective way to market a product. A marketing manager is an example of a job title that a person with an MBA in marketing might have. According to the BLS the average annual salary of a marketing manager in May 2008 was $108,580. A person with an MBA in marketing is of great value to any business that needs assistance in determining buying trends. The professional has to use those results to form a successful marketing plan. In essence, the experience and knowledge of someone with an MBA in marketing is extremely valuable to any up and coming business.

A person with a masters in marketing has put forth the time and expense to garner an advanced level of knowledge in his or her vocation. Many people with master’s degrees in marketing end up in management positions. Some of the job titles held by professionals with a masters in marketing are sales manager, promotions manager or advertising manager. As an example, the average annual salary in May of 2008 for advertising and promotions managers was $80,220 (BLS). These individuals are in high level positions in which they oversee the employees and operations of a particular department in a company.