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Ultimate Guide to Nursing Ethics

The nursing field is an ever changing world that demands nurses to stay current with trends in the health care field.  As the medical field expands so must the knowledge that nurses posses. They have to find ways to expand their knowledge base and ways of caring for people.  A RN is a student of life and what better way to achieve success than with an RN to BSN. Everyone in the work force likes to advance in their career path. Nurses are no exceptions. Some nurses look forward to being the head nurse at major hospitals or medical clinics. Others, have the desire to teach the next generation of nurses. One foundational concept is nursing ethics.

Just about every Registered Nurse has been faced with an ethical dilemma at some point in their career. Nurses are often faced with hard decisions about how to treat and care for patients.  The best way to handle these ethical issues is to be prepared, understand the codes, the law, and review case studies.  Nurses have a current code of ethics that they abide by. Here are some important links to help find the current code of ethics.

What are the Current Nursing Codes of Ethics

Nursing Ethics - Find information about the ethic code that all nurses follow. Find resources to better understand the ethics themselves and how they apply to the nursing field.

Nursing World – Here one can read about how programs and getting involved can help increase the awareness of nursing ethics for everyone.

Code of Ethics for Nurses – Get a copy of the current code of ethics for yourself. Either view them over the internet or you can buy a copy.

Linfield – Read the current copy of nursing ethics for yourself using a PDF download.

ICN – Learn the ICN code of ethics here using a PDF file.

Background & History of the Nursing Code of Ethics

The Nursing Code of Ethics – What Should you Expect? – Read the rich history of how the code came about and how it is amended from time to time to keep pace with the ever changing medical field.

Code of Ethics for Nurses - Explore some of the history and define what a code of ethics is for and how it relates to al the ins and outs of the nursing field. History helps people understand the big picture when it comes to work and life.

Nurses face different issues on a daily basis. For some nurses they may face the same issues day after day because they specialize in one aspect of the medical field. For most they treat patients with a wide array of problems which keeps the door open to different ethical issues. Knowing what to expect will help keep you on top of the day. You can find current ethical issues that nurses face at the following sites.

Current Ethical Issues that Nurses Face

Ethics: Ethical Issues in Complementary/Alternative Therapies – A complex yet easy to understand study of the ethical issues facing alternative therapies. Nurses involved with these types of treatment will find this article a must read.

Genetic and Genomic Healthcare: Ethical Issues of Importance to Nurses – Read how the gene has opened doors into the field of nursing regarding ethical issues. The constant manipulation of genes is leading many people into thinking about the dilemmas they will face with gene therapy and treatment.

Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice - Find out the vast array of ethics nurses faces on a daily basis and which ones they face more than others. Nurses are faced with countless ethical situations on a daily basis. If you are new to nursing this will help in knowing what to expect the most at work.

Colleges often use case studies as a means to teach students what they are likely to face in their career paths. In some fields of study cases change on a daily basis so they have to keep up on new and expanding issues. Studying case studies is an easy way of knowing what to expect and helps you know how to think through the best way of dealing with the problem. Below you will find several places to brush up on case studies.

Case Studies of Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Teaching Nursing Ethics by Cases: a personal perspective - Find a inside perspective on the use of case studies to train nurses. Also, read the case studies and the ethical dilemma that they portray. This helps nurses to think through many of the situations they may face on a daily basis.

Nurse Friendly – Here you will find a number of case studies related to different aspects of nursing. Some dive into legal matters and others are informative.

Key Individuals in Nursing Ethics

Have you ever wondered where the current code of ethics for nurses came from? Or, who was the key player when the first pledge was spoken? Read the first pledge that was spoken and some biographical information about the person who started it all at the following links.

Florence Nightingale Pledge – Read the pledge that started it all. A must read for those entering the nursing field.

Mrs. Lystra E. Gretter – Here is some biographical information about the key person who helped write the pledge that graduating nurses often have to say.