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Top Criminal Justice Resources

Some of the top criminal justice resources available provide comprehensive catalogues of subjects including everything from adjudication to youth gangs. When seeking out these resources, it is important to consider what organization is presenting the information in order to prevent a biased or outdated understanding of a given subject within the criminal justice world.

One of the top criminal justice resources is the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. This resource is federally funded to provide information to support research, policy and program development for those involved in criminal justice around the world. On the Web site, interested parties can find expansive articles on all subjects related to criminal justice, while also uncovering pertinent information about grants and funding as well as a calendar of justice events. The calendar can be organized by region, subject or organization of interest. Some of the categories of topics listed at this resource include Corrections, Crime Prevention, Justice System, Juvenile Justice and more.

Additionally, more information is provided by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, which is an older organization that promotes education and analysis for those who are researching and practicing criminal justice. The Academy publishes two journals, Justice Quarterly and Journal of Criminal Justice Education, which are both available online with a subscription. Even more, the Web site provides information on upcoming workshops and conferences pertaining to criminal justice.

For more information regarding government agencies, visit the United States’ Department of Justice page, where a complete list of criminal justice agencies is available. This list details everyone from the Attorney General’s office down to lower level agencies, including the Bureau of Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The Web site also provides a list of top criminal justice resources with specific highlighted resources and frequently requested forms pulled out for easy access.

Studying criminal justice incorporates a broad range of fields including criminology, sociology and psychology, and thus the number of journals available that pertain to the field of criminal justice are many. In order to find the top criminal justice resources, consider first what area of the subject is of the highest interest and then seek out the professional journal that best suits the specific area of interest. Some of the best journals include The Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, The American Journal of Criminal Justice and Crime & Justice International. These journals are typically issued quarterly.

To find more specialized top criminal justice resources, investigate the links provided on resource pages of the best criminal justice programs at various academic institutions. These lists often include information on the most respected specialized publications within the field of criminal justice.