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Top 20 Nursing Resources

Nurses have one of the best jobs in the medical field. From a RN to BSN Online, they are the driving force behind every medical field that is practiced today. Nurses have to balance personal life and work life on an everyday basis. They are the ones who help people start down the road to recovery. When a patient is in need, it is the nurse who takes care of them and all their issues. It stands only to reason that nurses have access to the best sources of information that is made available to them. Nurses really are people who perform an impossible task. In addition to helping people they have personal education that they have to monitor on a yearly basis so their license can stay active and current. Most of the time they have to search endless lists to find the right continuing education class for them. Some nurses who want to further they studies often find it difficult to navigate all the requirements for education. Below are 20 different resources that will help all nurses stay on top of their continuing education and have the best information about the ever changing medical field.

Nursing Center: Here you will find information about latest journal publications and different ways to continue your nursing education. You will also find news related to the nursing field and how it relates to you.

All Nurses: This site gives nurses the chance to communicate with each other about various avenues of discussion. Some discussion points relate to patient care and others about nurse patient ethics.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Information overload at this site. Nurses can come and browse through various topics and basic information. There is news about children’s health and adult health.

Nurse: Continuing education ideas can be found on this site. Keeping up with job related training can be challenging especially when there are no seminars near your home. gives regional information about CE requirements and specific news for different regions of the nation.

Learning Nurse: If you are looking to expand your knowledge base about nursing then check out this site. They offer a wide range of information directed towards nurses. Take a quiz to test what you know and what you have learned.

Modern Medicine: Here they give up-to-date information about medical procedures that nurses need to know. Use the site to gain information about patient care and how to treat various health problems effectively as a nurse.

Medscape: Find daily news stories about how everyday issues are helped along by nurses. Also, get perspective related readings from experts about different medical issues.

MDLinx: You can find related articles about all different kinds of nursing issues. Follow them on the major social networks to keep up on the latest news.

Medical Glossary: Search for different medical terms for free. There are over 26,000 terms for you to discover on this site.

PubMed Central: Good communication is key to patient care. Discover ways to speak to patients about what kind of medical issues they may be facing. Browse a vast store house of knowledge about medical terms and news while you are visiting the site.

Nursing World: Look into information on a host of topics from flu shots to national information about the nursing field.

PSNet: Dive into medical journals and search the meaning of terms that you may not know. PSNet offers a vast glossary of major medical terminology.

CE Broker: Set up you professional portfolio and begin to track your professional transcript. Be sure to look into CE courses while visiting CE Broker. This site keeps all the information in one easy to follow site that can be tailored to fit your needs.

CE Profiles: Find information about what is required by states when it comes to being a nurse. Manage your CE credits here to make the process simple.

Board of Registered Nursing: Walk into licensing information and ways to further your career as a nurse. Find out what is required and the steps needed to achieve your career goals.

NURSYS: Get your license verified by other states when you are looking for licensing in a different state. Look up licensing information on another nurse.

National Council of State Boards of Nursing: Find education, services, and information and nursing. The NCSBN offers state specific details on news and cooperation between states when it comes to nursing.

Nursing License Map: If your seeking to become a nurse find out how to train and obtain a license by selecting the state in which you live or want to practice.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses: Find information about the model of patient care and the standard that is recommended to follow.

Nursing Resources for Evidence Based Practice: If you are looking to be a better nurse them find information about best practices in the nursing field.