Get A Real Degree

The Top Degrees for the Online Student

In the age of the online store, you can now buy almost anything on the Internet, including a real master’s degree. But how do you know which one to get? The market is saturated with options and digital course loads are as plenty as your computer’s pixels, yet the most valuable degree isn’t as obvious. There aren’t exactly Amazon reviews for education. So, how do you know which degree to choose? Read on to learn the top degrees for online students and what they’re worth.

1. Instructional Leadership

What you’ll learn: A Master of Arts in Education — Instructional Leadership, Teacher Leadership for Student Learning from Eastern Kentucky University prepares students for education leadership. The program promotes scholastic change through careful teacher management.

Where it’ll take you: Coursework in Staff Selection and PD, as well as Utilizing Resources in Education helps take an educator’s career to the next level. Students who pursue this program typically wish to become a school principal.  

2. Health Informatics

What you’ll learn: Technology and healthcare are two hot sectors. A degree in Health Informatics combines the two for a powerhouse education. Northeastern University equips students through coursework with focuses such as the Business of Health and Database Design, Access, Modeling, and Security in Health Care.

Where it’ll take you: Health Informatics is a rapidly growing field. The field is growing, on average, 27 percent faster than other healthcare jobs. This market niche is only going up.

3. Social Work

What you’ll learn: With a Master of Social Work degree online from University of Southern California, you’ll learn: “The foundation-year curriculum provides a common base of knowledge, skills and values by introducing theories, issues and practice methods that deal with individuals and their environment.”

Where it’ll take you: In 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were an estimated 607,300 social worker jobs in a market with a job outlook of 19 percent. The average social worker makes approximately $44,200 per year. 

4. Social Media

What you’ll learn: While it isn’t exactly as noble as social work, a Master of Arts in Communication with a concentration in social media still strikes a chord with modern (online) communities. The University of Florida and its pioneer program teaches students advanced communication strategies for digital media.

Where it’ll take you: A master’s in social media offers valuable marketing insight. You’ll learn to create media campaigns and evaluate their performance by analyzing metrics. Students with this degree often pursue a career in marketing, journalism, or digital media production.

Ultimately, the degree you choose should line up with a career – one that’s worth your time and the money you’ll make. Before continuing your education, consider where you see yourself in 10 years. Let your choice be the car you drive, not the detour to another destination. Where will you start your journey?