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What Can I Do With a Major in Computer Science

You may be asking yourself, what can I do with a major in computer science. Well for starters, let’s look at just a few job titles that are open for anyone with a computer science degree.

Computer science careers may not always be evident by job titles alone. For example:


Computer Career Options

Computer Programmer

Computer Systems Manager

Database Administrator

Web Designer

Systems Analyst

Security Systems Manager

Not So

 Obvious Career Options

Quality Assurance Specialist or Director

Technical Writer

Management Information Systems Manager

Software Engineer

Software Designer

Network Administrator

Remember, this is only a very small sample of job titles you might see available for those with a major in computer science. For those of you with a standard computer science major, other career options might include computer and information technicians or scientists, computer teachers, sales and marketing research development for technical products, technical advisors and consultants for new market research and more. With the prevalence of computers influencing every industry, there is an ever-growing need for individuals who have an interest in any number of computer science careers, to incorporate the latest ideas, designs and technologies needed to stay competitive in a tough economic climate. A computer science degree gives you the edge over graduates from other majors because employers know that those serious about pursuing computer science careers choose their programs and training to focus on specific areas of computer science that impact their businesses.

Computer science careers can easily encompass any occupation or profession that comes to mind. Consider where your passions, skills, and interest lie, and then begin exploring how various topics, techniques, and skills you developed in the process of earning your computer science degree can be strengths you bring to that position. A Bachelor’s degree program is often the minimum education needed for entry-level positions in the fields of electronics, communications, and data processing. Some computer science technicians and engineers may have entered the computer science field from other fields of study, but find expanding their knowledge through a Bachelor’s degree and beyond with a major in computer science is necessary to remain current in the emerging theories that push the computer science field to the forefront of future technology. Computer scientists that are focused on research know it is necessary to pursue a Master’s in Computer Science and some continue for a doctorate. Even at the undergraduate level, your computer science salary has the potential to be among the highest of any fields for individuals with minimal experience. Those with a Master’s in Computer Science position themselves for promotion sooner and are well equipped to continue to top positions in leading fields of computer technology, innovative research, and development. Those with masters in computer science can expect to be in demand for positions in numerous technological fields across the country and around the world. As the demand for professionals with the knowledge and expertise obtain by a combination of experience and training through advanced programs increase, you can the base computer science salary ranges to increase accordingly. In addition to a higher computer science salary, those with advanced degrees are often in a position to expect better benefit packages for their positions.

While considering your options for what you can do after obtaining a major in Computer Science keep in mind some basic strategies that will expand your options and strengthen your ability to impress future employers you are the professional they need as part of their team.

  • Sharpen your problem solving capabilities
  • Develop good interpersonal and communications skills
  • Take advantage of opportunities to gain new or additional experience thru internships or mentoring relationships
  • Consider ongoing education to stay current in new technologies and theories
  • Seek to obtain designation as a Certified Computing Professional