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Bachelor’s Overview

Bachelor’s degrees are awarded for the completion of undergraduate programs at colleges and universities throughout the world. In the United States there are two main types of bachelor’s degrees. Both types of bachelor’s degrees are academically and professionally equivalent. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is awarded for a degree program classified as a liberal arts curriculum such as literature, humanities, history and the social sciences. A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) usually indicates a technical or science-based curriculum and is awarded for completion of degree programs in the fields of engineering, physics, computer science, mathematics, and the natural sciences. In some cases this can include law, medicine, business, hospitality and architecture. Both of these types of bachelor’s degrees are typically earned through full-time study on a college campus, but online bachelor’s degrees from reputable institutions of higher learning are now available in a variety of subjects. Normally completed in about four years, the bachelor’s degree is considered as the standard college degree needed to qualify for entry into variety of occupations.

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