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One Year Online MBAs

There is a significant difference between the two-year MBA program and an accelerated MBA program. Typically there are tough requirements that need to be met in work experience and education, prior to being accepted. An accelerated MBA program can be completed in as little as eleven months. The length of time is lessened by the amount of time spent in core classes or by minimizing specialization choices. In the accelerated program, school is the first priority and students will not be working full-time. It may also be necessary to relocate in order to attend a school that fits individual needs. Of course, relocation will not be necessary should the student take a one year online MBA program rather than attending traditional schools.

What is an Accelerated MBA?

The one year online MBA program instruction is the same as the instruction in traditional programs with the exception that it is in a shorter time frame. Students of one year online MBA programs have already been working in the business industry or currently have business degrees. Prior to enrolling in an MBA program, consider the curriculum presentation, the structure of the program, and the length of time the program will take to complete. The accelerated program may take from 11 to 18 months to finish. In one year MBA online programs all the students move as a group through the whole program. The schedule is intensive which means that internships might not be offered in a one year MBA online program. In the first portion of the program, students can expect to take strategic management, marketing, management, finance, and accounting courses. The elective classes are usually taken during the second portion of the program.

Advantages of an Accelerated MBA

Earning an MBA is great for professionals who would like to advance their career within the company they are already working in. This degree offers many other benefits as well. Using their knowledge and skills related to their work industry, a one year MBA online program that is highly specialized can save them a lot of time throughout their studies. Should the MBA online one year program reduce the requirements of core courses, the student can customize the program to suit their specific needs. The MBA online one year program is a learning environment that is extremely focused. This encourages skill and knowledge development far beyond that of traditional classroom environments. Online one year MBA programs are competitive and intense which will help encourage achievement. MBA online one year programs include counseling services and career placement. They also have professional clubs and groups as well as guest speakers who are professionals within the business industry.

How Will an Accelerated MBA Benefit Me?

The online one year MBA program offers time. Online courses provide a certain amount of flexibly which allows students to continue their education without sacrificing their normal routine. Not all programs are the same though, and some will offer new courses every six weeks while others offer new courses every few weeks. There may also be some schools that require multiple classes to be taken at one time. The online one year MBA program also offers many of the same specializations as a two-year program such as accounting, marketing, management, finance, and human resources. The tuition for online one year MBA programs also tends to be less than the tuition in traditional programs.

How Do I Get into an Accelerated MBA Program?

Before applying to an accelerated MBA program, the student must have a four-year degree as well as a certain amount of work experience. These programs tend to have admission guidelines that are strict and each school will have their own application process. Students will need to fill out an application first. It may also be required to submit an essay, resume, financial aid paperwork, and there may also be an interview required. Be sure to thoroughly read the admission requirements for various schools in order to know what the exact requirements are.


If the online program is not accredited, do not enroll. It is important to make sure the chosen school has proper accreditation as there are many scams out there simply seeking personal information and money. The AACSB is the most well-known accreditation agency but uncertainty can lead to doubt. For that reason the National Center for Education Statistics offers a way for students to search for accredited schools. By enrolling in an accredited school, the student will be confident in knowing they are receiving a high-quality education. Another thing to look for when choosing an accredited school is the curriculum. Make sure that it covers topics including analytics and data, communication, leadership, management, and economics.