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New York MBA Programs

Getting a master’s in business administration (MBA) is a must-have degree in today’s business climate. While many entry-level jobs are available to the undergraduate with a bachelor’s of science in business administration, most companies, organizations, nonprofits and even government agencies want to hire graduates with an MBA degree. Studying for an MBA degree requires a rigorous schedule when you live in New York or anywhere. Depending upon where you live and where the college you want to attend is located, getting to and from school may pose a serious problem. Students choose to take the fast-track with New York MBA programs, these accelerated programs typically run one year.

MBA Program Accreditation

There are a lot of colleges offer one- or two-year accredited MBA programs in New York. These colleges have accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business also known as the AACSB, the European Quality Improvement System also known as EQUIS, or the Association of MBAs or AMBA, from the United Kingdom. One or more of these accreditations makes these colleges the top choices in New York. The importance of accreditation ensures a quality education and the chance to receive government grants, such as the Pell grant, to help offset school costs. Besides school accreditation, check the college for program accreditation as well.

New York MBA Programs and Colleges

There are more than 40 schools that offer MBA programs in New York, some of which include online MBA programs. Even with more people going for MBA programs in New York than ever before, choosing the right college can make a big difference in career options. Before choosing New York MBA programs, research the school thoroughly, check in with the admissions department and find out what requirements must be met to submit an application. All colleges will require transcripts that meet criteria for the MBA programs in New York. Some New York MBA programs may require essay submission, a copy of your curriculum vitae, current Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) scores, an application fee and a letter of recommendation or two.

Online MBA Programs and Curriculum

Whether working with online MBA programs or attending a New York campus, expect a curriculum that includes finance and economics, leadership development, managerial statistics and analysis, operations management, managing marketing programs, understanding business cycles and information technology’s importance in today’s business. Some colleges also have affiliations with top New York companies and can provide graduates with internship positions during the summer or while attending school. Colleges that offer online MBA programs provide scheduling flexibility, which is helpful when students need to work while going to college.

Entrepreneur, Professional or Executive MBA

Choosing a career path helps the graduate decide the degree specialization. While an MBA is a good degree, when the graduate chooses a line of specialization, such as an entrepreneurial, professional or executive MBA, the chances for getting employment immediately after graduation increases. The other thing a graduate student can do to develop contacts is to join a professional organization. MBA professional organizations provide the graduate the opportunity to obtain job leads, network with colleagues and stay abreast of new and updated business trends. Most of these organizations also provide student memberships and reduced fees to conferences that host prominent business and government leaders.

Finalizing the Career Path

A graduate degree and college education is not something to be undertaken without careful planning. Choosing an advanced education starts with deciding the type of career path and then choosing the New York MBA program and college that moves you forward on that path. Choosing an advanced degree is all about investing in yourself, investing in your future and growing a professional career. Review the opportunities for advancement at any one of the many New York colleges and match their offerings against your career plans. Master classes typically go beyond run-of-the-mill coursework. A good MBA program teaches the graduate the importance of integrating concepts learned in school with today’s business problems and coming up with solutions outside the box. Committing to an MBA program and completing it not only gives the graduate a sense of personal satisfaction, it provides the skills necessary to become tomorrow’s business leaders.