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IT Project Management

A career in IT project management is an excellent choice for the tech-savvy individual who likes to take charge and pays close attention to detail. Project managers utilize organization to ensure systems are operating smoothly. An IT manager is the person who oversees a team of individuals that work with computer networking systems. IT project management duties vary from one company to the next. Those interested in a career as an IT manager will need to commit to education, training, and plenty of work experience. Those who remain in the field and advance to top positions can enjoy a lucrative salary. Some IT project management leaders earn $150,000 per year or more.

What is IT Project Management?

IT project management may be defined as the processes, systems, infrastructure, software, and hardware that operates to ensure a computer-networking system is functioning. An IT manager leads the program and verifies team members are working according to plan. The manager continually reviews the system, makes needed changes, determines if upgrades should be made, and makes certain that the project is operating according to budget. An IT manager is the most valuable person on the team as all the trust and responsibility rests on his or her shoulders. Every company has its own IT needs and project managers may find they perform different tasks according to the company they work for. IT managers usually have at least 10 years’ experience and hold an MBA before large-corporate accounts trust them with their business.

How is IT Project Management used in Different Businesses?

Just as businesses benefit from using a plan, they also benefit from project management. An IT department will function more effectively with a clearly defined plan and organizational structure. Small businesses and large-scale corporations both use IT project management teams to ensure they are maximizing their business network’s full potential. Though the exact functions and products used may vary, IT project managers tend to perform the same tasks. These include developing a strategy for a system’s implementation, preparing for the project, designing it, testing to ensure it works, implementing it, and then finishing the project. IT project management includes focus on risk assessment and proven experience in the field. Many employers will want to see uninterrupted work history before hiring. A career in IT project management is one that includes close interaction with others. Project managers must have clear communication skills and interact well with others. Once a project is designed and developed, the manager will train workers to use the system.

What does a Degree in IT Project Management Include?

Those who wish to enter the IT field will find a degree in project management will take their career to new heights. Many students begin by earning a bachelors degree then move to an advanced degree. Students may obtain a general masters in computer science or a masters in business administration or MBA. An MBA degree ensures those applying for IT project management positions are well prepared and can handle the tasks. Those with higher degrees earn premium salaries and those with an MBA will see their income far surpass those who hold a bachelors degree.

An undergraduate degree is an excellent way to begin your career, and there are many who see their careers advance due to work experience. Some programs offer accelerated degree programs and there are online courses that can help students earn their degree in a comfortable and flexible environment. Most schools will expect students to have experience in the computer industry as well as proficiency for math and science. Those who have obtained their bachelors degree may find that continuing their education and earning an advanced degree provides many advantages. Those with a bachelors degree may continue to work in their field while attending school online and earning their masters or MBA. There are various certifications that may be obtained that will help demonstrates someone’s qualifications in the field.

What Types of Jobs are Available to People Who Have Experience in IT Project Management?

Those seeking careers in IT project management will find opportunities in both entry level and management positions. Those new to the field may work as a team member assisting others in project management and development. The IT field is listed as one of the top career choices nationwide and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics foresees plenty of growth. The more experience someone gains in IT management, the greater responsibility they can earn in other positions. The most lucrative opportunities are those for an IT manager.