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How You Can Become an Online MBA Success Story, even Without a GMAT

If you’re thinking about earning an online master of business administration (MBA) without taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), you may soon find yourself writing your own success story. Jim LeMere, a 39-year-old who received an online MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, spoke with CBS News about where his degree took him.

Like so many other MBA candidates, LeMere was already employed at a prominent business firm and managed to keep his job while taking courses on the web. When he graduated, he was not only offered a position at a rival firm, but also went on to earn more than double his previous salary.

“I traveled a lot, was relocated to Atlanta, and was eventually moved back to Indiana,” LeMere told the news source. “Kelley moved with me the entire time.”
As online MBA programs become more competitive and improve with changing technology, many schools don’t even require you to take the GMAT to enroll. Some institutions have resorted to alternative methods to test prospective students’ knowledge, like checking for work experience and a high grade point average.

Do you have work experience and want to get an online MBA without taking the GMAT? Here are the top-ranked institutions by U.S. News and World Report that don’t require the GMAT, and some that don’t even require the GRE:

Marylhurst University

If you enroll in the online MBA program at Marylhurst, you can specialize in a number of different areas, including finance, healthcare and sustainability. At a time when green jobs are becoming increasingly important, pursuing an MBA in this field may be a good idea.

Norwich University

There are dozens of online master’s programs available at Norwich University, from MBAs in finance and organizational leadership to master of science degrees in nursing and cybercrime. You could earn your degree in as little as 18 months and go on to either pursue a new career or get a promotion at your current job.

Ohio University

If you want to become a healthcare employee, you may want to enroll in the MBA in health administration program at Ohio University. This program will prepare you to be a leader in medical facilities across the nation, and you’ll be fully prepared to take on the tough challenges that face the healthcare system today.