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Education Overview

Educating children and adults takes passion, patience, skills, and dedication. Today, teachers with advanced degrees including Master’s and PhD’s are highly sought after in specialized fields such as Technology, Special Education, Music, Art, Science, History, and more. An advanced degree can now be obtained online and these Master of Science in Education programs were specifically designed with flexibility in mind so that current teachers can obtain necessary degrees to advance their careers and increase their wages. For whatever your passion, there is a degree with a concentration that allows you to teach in your fields of choice in challenging and rewarding environments. Choosing a degree program and the college or university to pursue can be a difficult task. It is important to remember that the credibility, history, ranking, and faculty of the school you choose speak volumes in the weight of your degree. Job growth for the Education industry is expected to remain moderately high over the next decade.

What is Education?
Education is a diverse field that is focused on the teaching children, teens, and adults. Professional educators can choose in what age to specialize in, or can choose to specialize in a particular subject matter, or even choose to become administrators like Principals. Special Education Teachers help both children and adults that have learning, mental, emotional and/or physical disabilities. They receive specialized teaching strategies and train students on independent learning, life skills, literacy, communication and math. Science and Math educators can be found at every level in educational institutions. They special training includes techniques and strategies for classroom partnered with content knowledge and best theory practices. As the world continues to grow more and more interconnected, the demand for TESOL (Teach English as Second Language) professionals becomes more vital. Educational Leadership and Education Administration & Policy professionals are needed to fill the challenging positions as Academic Deans, Principals and Vice Principals. Their specialized training includes communications, education theory, and community relations. Teachers who specialize in Reading & Literacy are taught to develop, implement and adapt reading curriculum for diverse learning styles. For Athletics & Coaching teaching professionals, their specialized curriculum includes courses on exercise, sports, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, fitness and physical education. As we continue to develop more and more technologies, the need for educators with specialized skills in teaching Technology increases. Courses include technological literacy for a full spectrum of information age technologies.

Advancing your Education

To be a teacher in public or private schools, there are minimum standards required throughout the United States. Teaching certificates and Bachelor degrees are required and advanced graduate degrees provide for better job security, career advancement and better earning potential. Programs from highly prized Colleges and Universities provide for flexibility in learning opportunities and many programs can be completed online, from the convenience of your home.

Education Degrees
There is a wide variety of educational degrees available to fit many areas of specialties and educational goals. Universities and Colleges have specially developed Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs in education to fit the growing demand of highly trained and qualified educators. Some of these programs offer the extraordinary flexibility of online distance learning and allow you to continue working while balancing your personal life and your education.

  • Curriculum & Instruction Degree: This challenging degree program trains students in the art of conducting empirical educational research to develop, implement and evaluate teaching, learning and performance. Areas of study include curriculum and instruction and research fundamentals. A Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction is for experienced teachers interested in broadening knowledge and enhancing curriculum development process.
  • Special Education Degree: A Special Education degree produces graduates who have the skills, theories and techniques necessary to enhance the lives of individuals with a variety of disabilities. Curriculum focuses on best practices in special education including behavior, social interaction and social development. A Bachelor of Arts in Special Education teaches basic skills to effectively instruct students with a variety of disabilities.
  • Educational Leadership & Higher Education Degree: A Doctor of Education Leadership degree trains students in core issues including organizational financial planning, history, philosophy, policy, law, and politics all as related to the Education industry.
  • Reading & Literacy Degree: Literacy continues to be a problem throughout America. The demand for educators with specialized skills for Reading & Literacy continues to grow. Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Reading & Literacy programs train teachers to engage students with modern tools and strong communication skills.
  • Music Education Degree: A Master of Music Education degree partners a passion for music and education in perfect harmony. Contemporary curriculum includes music history, music theory, orchestra, ensemble, conducting and more. Many well-respective Colleges and Universities have created Master of Music Education degrees for busy working professionals and they can be completed online, many within two years.
  • Art Education Degree: A Master of Art Education degree teaches educators how to teach art and teaches artists how to teach. Specializations for this Master program include art history, art therapy, and the history of arts, painting, sculpture, and many more. Some Universities and Colleges offer distance learning online programs of study for this demanding and rewarding degree to fit in with the inherently busy schedules of professional teachers.
  • Athletics & Coaching Degree: Bachelor, Graduate and Graduate certificate programs are available for individuals seeking to further their career in Athletics & Coaching. Coursework typically includes first aid, nutrition, injury management, player motivation, interpersonal skills sports psychology, theories of coaching and sports program administration. Graduate certificates are available in Human Movement, Coaching Principles, Athletic Recruitment and other areas.
  • Science & Math Degree: For individuals with a passion for Math or Science, there is Master of Science in Education programs available those concentrations. The MS in Education with a Mathematics concentration trains educators how to improve student achievement while leveraging technology in Math instruction. A Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with Science concentration gives students the basics of a variety of sciences including earth, space, life, and physical.
  • TESOL Degree: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages degree trains educators on the special challenges and dynamics associated with teaching both children and adults English as a second language.
  • Technology Education Degree: Bachelor and Master degree programs are both available to train educators on the tips, tricks, and techniques needed to thoroughly teach and present technology to their students. Technological literacy is vital in today’s world and coursework focuses on a wide birth of information age technologies.

Education Schools & Colleges
A commitment to furthering your education cannot be taken lightly. Time and financial resources will be tapped when choosing to further your educational background. Because of this, it is vital that you thoroughly examine all the accreditations, history, faculty and reputation of the schools you are considering attending for your Education degree.

  • University of New England: Set in beautiful Portland Maine, the University of New England has provided outstanding educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds and from around the world. The core value of the Education College includes the improvement of the quality of life through developing reflective and resourceful teachers and school leaders. A variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available including the Teacher Certification Program, Online Certificates of Advanced Graduate study, and a Master of Science in Education available both on campus and online.
  • University of Cincinnati: The College of Education at the University of Cincinnati has been training the country’s finest educators for decades. They offer a wide variety of degree programs including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs. Available concentrations for these programs include Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Educational Studies, Instructional Design & Technology, Literacy & Second Language Studies and Special Education.
  • Western New England University: Founded in 1919, Western New England University has remained true to their core values of supporting and celebrating the aspirations and achievements of individual students. Western New England University’s Department of Education offers a variety of degree programs accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The Master of Education Degree focuses on the development and implementation of curriculum and instruction in elementary and secondary classrooms.
  • Abilene Christian University: For over 100 years Abilene Christian University has strived, and succeeded in creating dynamic, engaging, and relevant courses for their diverse student body. They offer a variety of majors for Education degree seeking students including Elementary Education, Education for International Studies, Music Education, Physical Education, and several others. The Elementary Education program gives students the opportunity to be in classrooms for hands-on experience beginning the first year.
  • University of Florida: The University of Florida is well regarded for their outstanding commitment to their students. The College of Education offers both online and traditional classroom programs in Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral degree programs. Online Education programs include Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, Curriculum, Teaching & Teacher Education, Special Education, Reading: Language & Literacy. Undergraduate programs include Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.
  • Boston University: Boston University has been a leading educational institution since 1839. The School of Education here is renowned for their community feel while being set in the center of a large University. Classes are small and intimate to foster the best possible skills, theory and training. Education degree programs include Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral programs.
  • Kent State University: For over 100 years Kent State University has provided innovative and compelling education to its diverse student population. The Education Department offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degree programs. Undergraduates cand choose from Adolescence/Young Adult, Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education and Physical Education concentrations. Graduate Programs include specializations in Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, Literacy Education, Mathematics and Curriculum Instruction.
  • Ohio University: Is world renowned for its transformative learning techniques that foster greater knowledge among its students. The Gladys W. & David H. Patton College of Education at Ohio University has been producing some of our Nation’s finest teachers and educators for over 125 years and is accredited by the Accreditation of Teacher Education. A variety of degree programs are available including Doctoral, Master, and Bachelor programs. The Master of Science in Education degree has a number of concentrations available including Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescent to Young Adult and Special Education/Intervention Specialist.
  • The George Washington University: Centered in the heart of Washington DC since 1821, it has produced some of the finest graduates in all disciplines. Original curriculum included English, Latin and Greek, Math, Chemistry, Astronomy, Political Law, and several others. They offer a variety of Education focused degrees for Undergraduates and Graduates alike The Master of International Education prepares students for the dynamic and engaging opportunities in National and International Educational environments. Coursework includes processes and institutions of education, comparative knowledge of traditions and systems of education programs across the globe, and a foundation of intercultural awareness and respect. This degree is ideal for Educators seeking positions in challenging learning environments such as nomadic villages, refugee camps, war zones, and other unusual settings.

Education Careers & Salary
According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, both Elementary School Teachers and Middle School Teachers have a median annual income of $55,270. Special Education teachers, of all ages have a median salary of $52,220. Post Secondary educators in a variety of fields have a median annual wage of $74,460. These numbers can vary greatly according to the advanced degrees and specializations attained. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not take educational background into consideration in determining these median wages. Job growth from 2010 – 2020 is projected to stay on course with a growth rate of 17%, higher than the national average of occupations.

Education Resources
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