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Technology MBA

A person who makes the decision to earn an MBA with a focus on technology is accumulating knowledge that will help him or her professionally. With an technology MBA, a person has the potential to earn a higher salary and receive promotions within his or her field. An technology MBA can also enable an individual to accomplish professional goals. The following looks at the details involved in earning an online MBA in technology.

University Degree Offerings

  • Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in High Technology Management

    The Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in High Technology Management allows students to take a deeper look at intellectual property management within high-tech organizations. Our distinguished faculty use real-world case studies and hands-on activities to make coursework relevant and cutting-edge.

Technology MBA

Generally, an individual who wants to earn a MBA in technology is someone who wants to move up in his or her occupation. As opposed to a bachelor’s degree, a MBA in technology program of study focuses on the latest developments in technology that can increase the efficiency of computer systems. The lessons that a student learns in an technology MBA program can be used on a daily basis in the field. An technology MBA program taken online provides experienced professionals with advanced knowledge that can move them ahead in their field of expertise.

Why a Technology MBA online

Someone who chooses to earn a MBA in technology is adding to his or her knowledge of both technology and business. A person with an technology MBA is equipped to handle the business aspects of a career as well as deal with computer systems. Another benefit of possessing a MBA in technology is that the person will be better qualified than those in the field with only a bachelor’s degree. A technology MBA can pave the way for promotion within a company. In addition, an individual who earns a MBA in technology is demonstrating a high level of dedication to his or her work.

Technology MBA Courses & Areas of Study

When a person plans to pursue a MBA, technology courses often differ from school to school. A few common topics found in an MBA curriculum with a focus on the area of technology include software development, business ethics, database systems, quality management, and data analysis. These courses enhance the knowledge and experience that an technology professional possesses. Of course, the specific courses a MBA student takes will depend on the school’s technology program.

Technology MBA Career Opportunities

A professional with an MBA in technology has a variety of opportunities when it comes to employment. A person with this level of education would be suited for work as a technology manager or an information technology project manager. In these occupations, a professional with an MBA in technology would be responsible for the efficient operation of a company’s computer systems. A technology manager must make sure that a company or organization has a computer system that meets its needs. If not, the work of a technology manager is to figure out what part of the computer system needs to be changed or improved to better serve the company. Some other examples of professions in the field of technology include computer programmers, computer systems analysts, database and network administrators as well as computer software engineers.

Online Technology MBA Degrees

Accredited online Technology MBA programs are designed for professionals who want to complete or advance their education at an online college without compromising quality. Online Technology MBA programs offer the same accredited curricula as their on-campus equivalents and are competitive with traditional programs.

Technology MBA Education & Admissions Requirements

In terms of education, a student who wants to earn a MBA in technology degree must first have a Bachelor’s degree as well as an adequate amount of work experience. Also, in order to have success at earning a MBA, technology students must be dedicated to expanding their knowledge of the field. In their program of study, students will likely have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers who work in the field of technology as well as read about the work of other experts. Students who absorb as much information as possible from the technology MBA program will reap tremendous benefits in their professional lives. Persistence and diligent study are two other invaluable qualities when it comes to earning a technology MBA degree.

Technology MBA Accreditation

Looking at a school’s accreditation status is an important step in finding a program of study for a MBA. Technology courses taught at an accredited school will be looked upon favorably by future employers. When a school is accredited it means that its programs of study have been evaluated and approved by a board of educational experts. Furthermore, a school must have its accreditation renewed from time to time in order to maintain high educational standards. An accredited online school that offers a technology MBA has been put to the test and proven its merits. When a student signs up to receive a technology MBA degree from an accredited online school, he or she knows that the school offers quality programs of study.

Top Technology MBA Degrees

Technology Professional Organizations

Not surprisingly, a person who works in the field of technology often wants to know the latest news going on in the industry. By being a part of a professional organization that focuses on technology, an individual can keep up to date on innovators in the industry as well as have access to useful resources. A couple of examples of professional organizations are the Computer Technology Industry Association and the Association of Information Technology Professionals. A professional in the technology field should research several professional organizations to find one that most appeals to him or her.