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Organizational Leadership

In today’s rapidly expanding world, there is a great need for leadership skills, both in the private and public sectors. CEOs seek qualified leaders with the ability to help their companies advance into the future. A good organizational leadership program will provide the type of specialized training that companies and organizations seek to meet their complex needs.

University Degree Offerings

  • Norwich University Master of Science in Leadership

    A tradition of leadership has grown from Norwich University’s long-standing and highly celebrated military history and has led to the development of our Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program. Through discipline, integrity, collaboration, forward-thought, and loyalty, the students in our program develop traits every effective leader needs.

Organizational Leadership Degrees

Organizational leadership training encompasses the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programs. Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees take approximately four years to complete. The Master of Arts, Master of Science and Master in Business Administration in Organizational Leadership programs are an extension of the undergraduate degree to provide students with the comprehensive education they need.

Why an Organizational Leadership Degree Online

Organizational leadership degrees equip students to become qualified leaders in the business field. Companies need strong, confident leaders to help take their businesses forward into future growth and expansion. Major benefits of a degree in this field include:

  • Expanded knowledge and understanding of leadership roles in business and public organizations
  • Qualified business and leadership skills to advance in current career prospects or to establish your own career opportunities through self employment
  • Advanced techniques and skills to meet the many technological and managerial challenges leaders face in society today
  • The opportunity for financial advancement by increasing salary potential for the future.

An organizational leadership degree paves the way for graduates to fill their role as potential leaders of tomorrow.

Organizational Leadership Degree Courses & Areas of Study

Organizational Leadership degrees require a great deal of advanced business studies. Curriculums vary depending on the university and the degree program you choose. However, basic coursework may include:

Team Building

Business Management

Interpersonal and Group Communication

Research and Data Analysis

Organizational and Leadership Theories and Methods

Leadership Development

Ethics in Leadership, etc.

Students can customize their program by choosing the concentration that best suits their interests and goals. Specializations in this field include:

Organizational Development

Public Service

Human Resource Management

Educational Administration and others

Organizational Leadership Degree Career Opportunities

Career opportunities abound for leadership degree programs. Options include business manager, human resource manager, health care administrator, educational leader, public administrator and many more. The following gives an idea of the salary, education and growth rate of various employment opportunities for those with leadership degrees.

School Principal (Master’s) – $86,900 – 10% growth rate 2010-2020

Human Resource Specialist (Bachelor) – $52,600 – 21% growth rate

Health Services Manager – (Bachelor) – $84,000 – 22% growth rate

Computer & Information Systems Manager (Bachelor) – $115,700 – 18% growth rate

Online Organizational Leadership Degrees

Organizational Leadership degrees can be obtained through completion of on campus studies or an accredited online degree program. The advantages of online studies are many and varied. Online students enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in their study schedule as course materials are available through the Internet on a 24/7 basis. Greater flexibility allows students to set their own pace for studies, making it possible to advance quicker in the curriculum for an earlier graduation. The cost of online degree programs are also much less than their on campus counterparts, enabling students to save financially on their education.

Organizational Leadership Degree Education & Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements for undergraduate degrees in any field are generally very basic to include:

  • completion of a high school diploma or equivalent
  • submission of high school records and grades
  • completion of college entrance exams

Entry to a Master’s degree program requires the completion of a Bachelor degree from an accredited institution along with undergraduate records and GPA average. Some graduate schools require an entrance exam; others require 2-3 letters of recommendation to enter the program.

Organizational Leadership Degree Accreditation

Attending an accredited degree program is key to acquiring a quality education in this field. Programs that have proper accreditation generally uphold a higher academic standard. This not only ensures students receive the best training for their financial investment, but it ensures prospective employers receive candidates who are highly qualified for their field. Some programs are eligible for individual accreditation. Otherwise, students should ensure their school has proper accreditation. Leadership degree programs can be accredited by the Academy of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Leadership, a reputable accreditation agency whose mission is to recognize high quality programs in this field.

Top Ranked Organizational Leadership Degrees

Your choice of university can make a marked difference in the standard of education you receive and resultant career opportunities. Due to the quality of the school’s faculty and educational program, graduates from top ranked institutions have a distinct advantage when it comes to career prospects. It is not uncommon for organizational leadership degree programs from top ranking universities to receive high acclaim from professional sources such as Forbes, U.S. News, Princeton Review and others.

Organizational Leadership Professional Organizations

The International Leadership Association (ILA) is a professional organization geared toward individuals who study, practice or teach leadership skills. The ILA ( offers leadership graduates the opportunity to network with others in their field and establish working relationships that could benefit their future. Membership fees for the organization are pro-rated based on income to provide equal opportunities for those interested in joining. The association offers members valuable leadership resources in the form of newsletters, journals, articles, conferences, interest groups, etc. to receive ongoing training and education in this rapidly expanding field.