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Organizational Development and Human Resources

Organizational development programs equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to help transform companies and organizations into new and innovative environments. Students of Organizational Development programs learn how to apply key strategies and techniques to help companies let go of attitudes and values that are holding them back from embracing change, growth and improvement. In the process of instigating change and forward progress in a company’s structure, candidates grow in their leadership abilities, rounding out their HR training and skills.

University Degree Offerings

  • Abilene Christian University Master of Science in Organizational and Human Resource Development

    The Master of Science in Organizational and Human Resource Development program at Abilene Christian University emphasizes critical thinking and analysis to most creatively resolve organizational and personnel issues. Students are taught an appreciation for cultural and ethnic diversity in the workplace and are given the skills to mediate conflict resolution among and enact social change.

Organizational Development and Human Resources Degrees

On the Graduate level, Organizational Development and Human Resources degree programs offer both Graduate Certificates and Degrees in this field. Graduate certificates focus mainly on change management and team development skills and can be completed in one or two semesters. The Master of Science in Organizational Development requires up to two years of study and entails data collection for completion of research and learning management strategies.

Why an Organizational Development and Human Resources degree online

Organizational Development degrees can benefit both individuals with existing positions in Human Resource departments and those who are just starting out in this field. Some of the most prominent benefits of this program include:

  • Hones leadership development and change management skills
  • Promotes the use of human resource administrative skills
  • Teaches ethical decision making practices that can be used in every aspect of the job
  • Equips students with the abilities and skills to diversify their professional portfolio to include nonprofits, for profits, and multinational corporations
  • Educates students in organizational behavior, communications and assessment strategies

Organizational Development and Human Resources Degree Courses & Areas of study

Both the Certificate and Graduate degree programs share the foundational courses of this degree. Extended coursework is added to the Graduate program to allow for more extensive studies.

Certificate coursework includes:

  • Organizational assessment
  • Communication
  • Human resources
  • Staff development
  • Continuous improvement
  • Ethics
  • Training and development

Course Work for the Graduate degree program includes:

  • System dynamics
  • Organizational communications
  • Organizational research and statistics
  • Organizational assessment strategies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Organizational development

Specializations for this degree include:

  • Training and Development and
  • Organization Development

Organizational Development and Human Resources Degree Career opportunities

Organizational Development programs can help human resource employees develop current talents and skills within their existing portfolio. Graduates of the Organizational Development Master’s Degree program can look forward to promising careers in the following areas:

  • Human Resource Managers
  • Organizational development consultant
  • Regional manager
  • Personnel Directors and
  • Training and Development Managers

According to BLS statistics, job opportunities for Human Resource specialists in these areas are expected to rise by 21% in the next ten years. The average salary for 2010 for professionals with Master’s degrees in these fields was approximately $52,600.

Online Organizational Development and Human Resources Degrees

Degree programs for Organizational Development at all levels can be completed either through on campus classes or online. The quality of education remains the same regardless of the study option students choose. The advantages of studying online are many and varied, to include lower costs, flexible study schedule, greater convenience and less time consuming. Some programs offer students the option of completing part of the program online and the other part by attending classes. This gives students the opportunity to personally interact and network with faculty and peers in their program.

Organizational Development and Human Resources Degree Education & Admissions requirements

Pre-requisites to enrolling in the Master of Science in Organizational Development include:

  • Completion of an accredited undergraduate degree program with a minimum GPA average of 3.5
  • Possible completion of Graduate program entry exam
  • Possible letters of recommendation

Organizational Development and Human Resources Degree Accreditation

It is suggested that students only enroll in Organizational Development degree programs offered by accredited colleges and universities. Accreditation means that the quality of education offered by the institution has been reviewed by a professional accreditation agency and certified to be of high standard. State schools are generally accredited by one of six Regional Accreditation Agencies approved by the Department of Education. Other reputable accrediting agencies for business schools include the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.

Top Ranked Organizational Development and Human Resources Degrees

When looking for a college or university to obtain your degree, take into consideration what top rank institutions have to offer. Top rank schools cost more but they also set a higher precedence for your education. By obtaining an Organizational Development degree from a top rank institution, your degree program is automatically validated as being of superior quality. The Master of Science in Organizational Development program is offered by several top ranking institutions in the country, as substantiated by the U.S. News and World Report for 2012. By choosing this degree from one of the high ranking schools, you can obtain a world class education to enhance your future.

Organizational Development and Human Resources Professional Organizations

The POD Network is a Professional Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. Their purpose is to promote and support changes that will improve higher education along the lines of human and organizational development. Organizational Development graduates interested in educational development are welcome to join. For membership and additional information, interested parties can access their website at