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Over the years, institutions have required candidates to take the GMAT as an entrance into an MBA program due to the difficulty of the course of study. Some institutions have taken the requirement out of their list of expectations and have resorted to alternative methods to test a prospect who wishes to enroll.

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What is the GMAT?

The GMAT is a test that is administered to show the ability of students who wish to enter a business school. This is a standard entrance exam that makes sure the skill level of the student is high enough to meet the demands of the education requirements in an institution.

It tests on the problem solving ability that would be needed in order to meet the demands required from employers who were hiring professional employees to fill certain roles. In order to compete in a professional world, writing and editing skills are on a higher level. The type of questions and the length of time to complete this section of the exam has changed dramatically.

Students are tested on their reasoning abilities. They are generally given a hypothetical situation and asked to resolve the issue. Comprehension skills are tested on the exam. The students study skills are highly important to success in business school and will continue as they progress in the real world. Reading comprehension has always played an important role on the test. A student must score at a certain level to meet requirements to enroll in a business school. It will vary with most schools.

History of the GMAT

The test has been around since 1953 when deans from across the county met with those who were from the Educational Testing Service to create an exam. It would test students skills that would be required to pass the curriculum of a up level business degree. The GMAT was administered to more than a thousand students during the first year. Eight institutions used the testing program as an entrance requirement. Today, almost a quarter of a million students take the test in a given year.

When the test began in the 1950′s, it was known as the Admission Test for Graduate Study. It was changed to the Graduate Study in Business, GMAT, in 1976. The sections of the test has changed over the years such as industry requirements demanded. In order for business schools to continue to offer curriculum students needed to compete in the economy on a professional level, they had to change certain aspects to the course of study.

Business schools had to test the skill level of the students to make sure they could successfully complete the expectations of the school as it changed. The time allowed to complete the test grew from two hours and twenty five minutes to four hours until 1997. Today, it takes about 3.5 hours to complete the test.

Why MBA programs have historically required the GMAT?

The GMAT reflects the skills of the student who is seeking an entrance into a particular business school.

It also reveals the experience of the test taker to see if they are qualified to meet the demands of the course of study. The candidates abilities will be thoroughly examined on the test to make sure success in school is probable.

Schools have needed tools to let them know that the students will have the ability to be able to compete in the curriculum provided for a course of study. The GMAT is intricately designed by professionals who know what business schools demand for candidates who wish to enroll. The industry standards will usually have an impact on the contents of the GMAT.

Students must show certain business management knowledge and the ability to communicate on a professional level. Business schools must test the technical ability of the students that companies are wanting to find in a professional graduate student. As the industry grows, standards change for graduates. Certain cognitive skills are required to meet the demands in the marketplace.

Do executive MBA programs require the GMAT?

The ability of executives can be seen in their leadership and decision making skills that they have acquired over the years of working in an advanced position for a company. Some debate the quality of education when schools drop the entrance exam due to the number of students who have taken the GMAT and can achieve at higher levels on math and comprehension test scores. The response is lifelong learning of executives bring experience to the table that the GMAT can not test.

It is assumed that those who have advanced without the graduate degree have potential on a higher level to succeed. By giving them the tools to succeed, students can reach their academic goals. Institutions are realizing that upper management got in their positions based on ability in most instances and says something about their ability to succeed in a graduate course of study.

Many executive MBA programs are dropping the GMAT tests as a course requirement to enter school. This means higher salary and and advancement for students who take advantage of enrolling in a course of study where they can obtain an online MBA degree.

Are their AACSB accredited online MBA programs that don’t require the GMAT?

With the number of older executives wishing to obtain a higher education, their GMAT scores will often prevent them from enrolling into a school. However, institutions are starting to reach out for those students who can demonstrate their abilities in other ways that may not reflect on a test. Companies often do not promote based upon a test score. If they have an employee who can show a potential for advancement, they can grow in the company. Of course, the salary is much less because of the lack of education. However, the position is given to the same employee. Going back to school can be financially rewarding to a student and within reach because of the ability to bypass the GMAT exam. More institutions who have well known programs for MBA graduates are realizing they are missing a market that is wide open. They are filling out applications to increase their enrollment. Students can presently find a variety of programs to help them reach their academic goals due to the number of schools who have dropped the GMAT as a requirement.

Why many top online MBA’s do not require the GMAT?

Some schools require the GMAT for entrance into their online mba’s on an as needed basis. An undergraduate GPA may help a student to be able to bypass having to take the GMAT. Work experience can translate into life long learning through a career that is enough to credit an applicant. Institutions are looking for alternative ways to find students in a more diverse economy. The progress in the real world of a candidate reveals some aspects of their reasoning, analytical and critical thinking abilities. Tests do not always reveal the ability of a student. Many professionals have been successful in a chosen career who were not good test takers. There is a variety of ways to determine the ability of students who wish to obtain a graduate degree. Besides, the increased enrollment helps the school who has chosen accept life experience, high GPA scores, and other alternative methods to accepting students.