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Non-Profit Management MBA

Master’s in Business Administration programs with a concentration in nonprofit organizations provide business professionals the communication and fund raising skills necessary to harness public support for their causes. Students seeking executive and management-level leadership positions within civic and charitable organizations can increase their marketability and salary range with this course of study, which can be completed in 10 to 16 months with a full-time course load and 16 to 28 months with part-time schooling.

University Degree Offerings

  • Marylhurst University Master of Business Administration in Non-profit Management

    The Marylhurst University Master of Business Administration in Non-profit Management program was founded upon the culture of helping others, accomplishing goals, and raising enough money to fund research or effectively promote a cause. Our dedicated faculty emphasizes the students’ responsibility to become skilled businesspeople and leaders to make sure that they raise sufficient capital, comply with governmental rules and regulations, and handle the money they receive responsibly.

Non-Profit Management MBA

The online MBA graduate has three basic regions in which to find work:

  • government
  • private firms
  • non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations are a quickly growing job field today; opportunities are arising all the time, and one of the highest areas of need is that for managers. Non-profits depend on their managerial employees to keep them running smoothly and to ultimately make them succeed. The online MBA in non-profit management is meant to equip you for one of these essential managerial positions.

Why a Non-Profit MBA Online

Why should your Online MBA Program with a Concentration in Non-Profit Management? Here are some benefits of this MBA:

  • Getting a Non-Profit MBA helps graduates increase their marketability and potential salary range while equipping them to pursue executive and managerial positions at nonprofit organizations.
  • The MBA offers non-profit professionals relevant training in finance, accounting, strategic management marketing, and information systems.
  • MBA – Non-Profit Concentration students learn how to handle industry-specific challenges such as attracting top-quality employees, fundraising, maintaining goodwill services and finding meaningful ways to evaluate success.
  • Since charitable organizations are built on business principles, MBA students with a Non-Profit Concentration are poised for success in this evolving field.
  • The networking aspects of business school are always helpful, though you should be aware that many non-profits do not advertise jobs through campus networks.
  • Many of the top universities offer online mbas with no gmat required.

Nonprofit MBA Courses and Areas of Study

Individual MBA – Non-Profit Concentration programs will vary depending on your institution of choice, and the topics listed below are just a sampling of common courses. For a specific course list, contact your school.

  • Environmental Affairs
  • Executive Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Law and Public Affairs
  • Management in the Non-Profit Sector
  • Public Management
  • Public Policy Process
  • Public Program Evaluation

Non-Profit MBA Career Opportunities

Below are possible career options for qualified MBA – Non-Profit Concentration graduates. This is not a complete list and serves only as a guide to potential career paths.

  • Associate Director
  • Controller
  • Corporate Tax Manager
  • Director of Administration
  • Director of Market Risk
  • Director of Development
  • Executive Director

This major trains you to be able to

  • manage resources
  • fill a variety of different roles in the management sphere
  • generally hold the entire nonprofit organization together with procedures, policies and fundraising.

You will probably fulfill these objects in a career as a manager or other corporate employee, with a nonprofit organization as your employer, since nonprofits are the specialty in this major. However, if you decide that a career in some other area is best for you, there will always be managerial positions open to those with an online MBA that, while not strictly within your specialty, may still be the best career fit. As an estimate, you can expect between $35K and $60K per year.

Online Non-Profit Management MBA Degrees

If you have established your career already and it’s going the direction you want it to go (or if you want to give it a little nonprofit twist), this major will help you achieve a raise in salary and opportunities for higher-paying positions. Earning this degree online will allow students to continue on their current career path, while gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to excel. If you’re just starting out in the career field, this degree will help you earn a starting salary that is much higher than it would be with just a bachelor’s degree.

Non-profit MBA Educational & Admission Requirements

For this degree, you will probably not be required to have a specific undergraduate. You will, however, be required to hold some type of Bachelor’s degree (your choice) and you will need to provide official transcripts from the institution at which you earned it. Most MBA – Non-Profit Concentration programs require an undergraduate degree from an accredited school and minimum GPA requirements, as well as two or more years of professional experience. Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores are also required, and you will likely have to provide a professional resume and conduct a personal interview.

Non-profit MBA Accreditation

There are several accrediting bodies for business schools. Be sure to research the accrediting organization before selecting a program.

Top Ranked Non-Profit Managment MBA Degrees

When looking for a college or university to obtain your degree, take into consideration what top rank institutions have to offer. Top rank schools cost more but they also set a higher precedence for your education. By obtaining an Non-Profit Management MBA from a top rank institution, your degree program is automatically validated as being of superior quality. The Non-Profit Management MBA program is offered by several top ranking institutions in the country, as substantiated by the U.S. News and World Report for 2012. By choosing this degree from one of the high ranking schools, you can obtain a world class education to enhance your future.

Non-Profit Professional Organizations

There are many professional organizations and advocacy groups for business professionals in the nonprofit world. These provide a wealth of information and are a powerful resource.