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Teachers of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) masters programs and English as a second language (ESL) masters programs offer the opportunity for interested students to travel abroad, earn a decent wage, and jump start a career in the education field. Online TESOL masters programs prepare students for teaching English outside of the American academic setting. Minimal differences exist between TESOL masters programs and ESL masters programs. Both masters ESL online programs and TESOL masters programs train competent students that understand English at the university level to teach foreign students in other countries.

University Degree Offerings

  • University of Cincinnati Master of Education in TESOL

    The University of Cincinnati’s Master of Education in TESOL program understands that English is the language of global communications, and that demand for TESOL professionals is greater than ever. Our graduates are agents of change in the U.S. and abroad. They are teaching English to people of all ages and conditions of life, administering ESOL program, creating new programs, and developing new teaching methods.


Many countries have a chronic shortage of TESOL/ESL instructors. Prospective students can enroll into any number of TESOL/ESL masters online degree programs. Two main principle online TESOL/ESL masters programs include the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and the Masters of Education (MEd). Each prospective student can determine which graduate program best suits their goals for teaching in this field. In addition to accredited university programs like a TESOL/ESLmasters online program, several credible TESOL/ESL certificate programs exists that offer the best education based on several factors, including overall cost, licensure acceptance, and educational quality. Students who prefer a formal education within a university’s TESOL/ESL master’s online program will need to contact the institution to find out more information about the prerequisites needed to obtain the desired degree.

Why a TESOL / ESL Degree

Prospective students who wish to teach English to foreign students in diverse environments can benefit from enrolling into courses to earn their TESOL / ESL Master’s Degree. ESL teachers have the benefit of knowing that they are helping students, both children and adults, to learn a new language. A TESOL / ESL Master’s Degree will enable students to develop concentration in an English as Second Language program (ESL). TESOL / ESL master’s online programs are ideal for certified instructors who wish to meet the challenge of teaching English to diverse student populations. TESOL / ESL students have the opportunity to travel abroad, discover new cultures, and assist foreign students in overcoming their language barriers to achieve a solid understanding of the English language.

TESOL/ESL Courses & Areas of Study

TESOL/ESL courses differ by program and college/university. Typically, students will gain professional knowledge and skills in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) as well as tools for their own reflection and growth as teachers. It is designed to be offered intensively in four weeks or extensively over a longer period.

Coursework provides practical training through teaching demonstrations, lesson planning and analysis, and practice teaching and feedback. Students develop skills in teaching, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and culture. Students may also examine specific teaching areas each day, which they apply in their daily practice teaching of adult TESOL/ESL learners.

TESOL/ESL Career Opportunities

Many certificate programs offer job placement assistance upon graduation, as do many schools upon the completion of a master’s degree. ESL instructors are needed around the world to help students struggling to learn to speak English. Depending on the sponsor, many instructors can earn a sizable income that will provide a substantial living in the country of choice. Choosing this route will enable graduate students to further their education, thereby allowing them the chance to establish themselves in their future careers. In addition, establishing interpersonal relations with foreign students on a one-by-one basis can prove enriching in the long run by knowing that teaching English can open a world of opportunities for those seeking a life in the Western world. Teaching has also been proven to increase the overall learning ability in the instructors themselves, adding to the benefits of earning an ESL masters online.

Online TESOL/ELS Degrees

According to the Schools and Staffing Survey conducted in 2007 through 2008, the United States Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics cites that 67 percent of public schools have at least one student who struggles with English proficiency. A rapidly expanding student demographic has increased the need for experienced teachers to assist students in building their English proficiency. A TESOL/ESL master’s degree will equip prospective instructors with the ability to assist students with building their English proficiency, effectively teach TESOL/ESL by managing the learning environment, support the needs of diverse student populations, maximize all student literacy levels, and assist students in learning the English language utilizing a step-by-step protocol. Accredited master’s TESOL/ESL online programs can be found to make earning your degree easy when you have a busy schedule to work around.

A TESOL/ESL master’s online program can efficiently equip students with the necessary credentials to teach foreign students in their native or home countries. Accredited masters ESL online programs may help future instructors develop the skills to assess the needs of beginning English learners, manage diverse environments, expand understanding of overall cultural differences, obtain ESL teaching skills, differentiate between many cultural processes, and improve student learning performances. While it may be possible to obtain the skills necessary without a master’s degree, TESOL/ESL is more easily taught with the skills the TESOL/ESL master’s degree can provide. TESOL/ESL masters programs will guarantee the confidence to successfully educate foreign students in English proficiency studies.

TESOL/ESL Education & Admissions Requirements

Prospective students can enroll into any accredited TESOL / ESL master’s degree programs by contacting their favored institution. In addition, numerous organizations, associations, and journals offer assistance and information that will help guide students to a variety of resources.

TESOL/ESL Accreditation

Students who wish to pursue a masters in TESOL/ESL online or in the classroom should do their research beforehand and make sure the schools they are applying to are accredited. Accreditation from an organization such as the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education means that a school’s program meets strict criteria for teacher education and means that a student will receive a worthwhile education. A program that is accredited is thought to produce highly-skilled and competent teachers. It also means that potential employers will not dismiss a student’s degree as being from a non-accredited university.

Top Ranked TESOL/ESL Degrees

Earning a TESOL/ESL degree from a highly ranked institution adds credibility and respect for the knowledge implied by the accomplishment. Prominent institutions with TESOL/ESL programs also receive high ranks by such organizations as U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review.

TESOL/ESL Professional Organizations

There are a number of professional organizations for TESOL/ESL:

  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is a global professional community of teachers of English to speakers of other languages.
  • The American Association for applied Linguistics (AAAL) features research and practice in applied language issues. AAAL is the U.S. affiliate of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA).
  • International Association of World Englishes (IAWE) “is committed to the study of the forms and functions of varieties of Englishes in diverse cultural and sociolinguistic contexts”. IAWE promotes research in language, literature, and pedagogy of World Englishes.
  • International Language Testing Association (ILTA) focuses on research in language testing around the globe. ILTA hosts annual Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC).