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Marketing jobs are highly coveted according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and because of this, it makes sense to get a masters degree in marketing rather than just a bachelor’s degree. Having a graduate degree such as a marketing masters degree, allows a person a better chance to secure a good marketing job. Marketing focuses on establishing a company’s brand identity, advertising and promotional campaigns, customer retention, market research, sales and more. The added medium of the Internet to the marketing mix has changed the way that businesses market their products. Having a marketing masters degree ensures that you are prepared for these changes.

University Degree Offerings

  • Boston University Master of Science in Management in International Marketing Management

  • Marylhurst University Master of Business Administration in Marketing

    Marylhurst University’s Master of Business Administration in Marketing program emphasizes the importance of marketing in any organization. Our faculty helps students to become skilled business professionals who appreciate the connection between business and marketing. It is this understanding that allows our graduates become leaders who help to craft dynamic and engaging marketing materials, make sure their company is positively represented, and drive new revenue sources through targeted marketing efforts.

  • New England College Master of Science in Management in Marketing Management

  • Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in Marketing

    The Northeastern University Master of Business Administration program with a concentration in Marketing emphasizes current marketing concepts and methodologies, including target market identification, message strategy, and assessment of advertising initiatives through qualitative and quantitative analysis. Our distinguished faculty guides students through the unique challenges placed on the service sector’s marketing landscape and learn how to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

Marketing Degrees

When pursuing a marketing masters degree, it’s critical to choose the right school and program – as each school will have a slightly different approach. A variety of programs are available, but choosing an “integrated” masters in marketing program teaches students how to be accountable in their marketing efforts. It also teaches students how to integrate the various marketing mediums to conduct a successful marketing campaign. A masters degree, marketing helps a resume stand out, especially if the masters marketing degree comes from a renowned business college.

Why a Marketing Degree Online

Businesses want accountability when it comes to their marketing programs and a masters marketing degree signifies that you understand this accountability and have gone the extra mile to obtain an education that benefits the employer that hires you. Job candidates with just a bachelor’s degree will go to the end of the candidate list for most marketing positions available today because of the keen competition. Companies want to hire highly educated people who have been trained in all the current mediums and marketing trends. A masters degree, marketing lets potential employers know that you are educated in these mediums and trends.

Marketing Degree Courses & Areas of Study

People in the marketing department must have good public relation skills and enjoy working with people. Because a marketing plan helps support a company’s overall growth strategy as well as adding and retaining new customers, most masters marketing college programs incorporate general public relations courses as part of the overall curriculum. As a marketing person, you’ll be called on to represent the company at multiple functions, which relies heavily on public relations education and skills.

Marketing Degree Career Opportunities

The different jobs available to someone with a masters marketing degree include marketing manager positions, advertising manager, public relations manager, promotions manager, sales manager, market research and more. Any company that sells a product or a service requires a marketing department and personnel to create a marketing strategy to reach its customers and grow the company. Non-profit and government agencies often require the services of marketing personnel skilled in public relations and promotions.

Online Marketing Degrees

Online Marketing degree programs will prepare students to meet the challenges of a career in marketing. An online Marketing degree introduces students to strategies, skills, and self-management that help you succeed in this profession. Students will gain higher-level marketing skills. Working on practical cases in an online classroom provides students the opportunity to acquire research, communication and product marketing, and management skills important to marketing goods and services in today’s economy.

Marketing Degree Education & Admissions Requirements

All colleges that offer a masters degree, marketing program require students to have completed an undergraduate degree. Some schools require students to take the Graduate Management Admission Council Test (GMAT) and present the result of the test along with college transcripts and a resume. While most colleges accept Bachelor of Science degrees, it helps to have a major in marketing, accounting, or business. Employers look for candidates that have a well-rounded education including courses in management, accounting, finance, statistics, and business law.

Marketing Degree Accreditation

When searching for a masters degree in marketing program, verify whether the school is accredited. Besides having a masters marketing degree from an accredited school and program, accreditation ensures that the education you receive meets the standards required by the accrediting organization. While accreditation also assures that the educational curriculum is sound and has met standards of quality, it also makes the school eligible to participate in state and federal financial aid programs. Accreditation also ensures that the coursework undertaken by students is transferrable to another college or school.

Top Ranked Marketing Degrees

University ranking also plays a big role in the quality of your degree program and its effectiveness in helping you establish your career. Obtaining a Marketing degree from an institution that has a high educational standing adds greater credibility to your degree. To get the most from your educational investment, make sure you choose a school with qualified faculty and adequate resources for your field.

Marketing Professional Organizations

Many professional organizations are available for those who work in marketing or have obtained a masters marketing degree. These organizations offer support and some even have job placement or scholarship opportunities. The American Marketing Association, for instance, provides multiple resources, such as career management and a resource library for its members. Other organizations include the Sales and Marketing Executives International, the American Advertising Federation, the Direct Marketing Association and more.