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Masters in Human Resource Management

Establishing a successful business requires special attention to a multitude of interconnected concepts. The positive, professional and compassionate management of human capital is a significant component of business success. The nation’s businesses become more complex with each passing decade. Business owners, stakeholders and executives alike must not only compete in a global environment, they must attract and retain talented employees. The human resource management professional applies his knowledge of company policy, business trends and law to the recruitment, management and retention of employees. Earning a masters in human resource management will position you for exciting career opportunities in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

University Degree Offerings

  • Boston University Master of Science in Human Resource Management Online

    Today’s HR professionals work in multinational business environments. This reality demands new skills. Yet most MBA programs still focus on administrative-type coursework. Designed for experienced HR professionals, BU’s interdisciplinary program teaches organizational strategy, change management, and workforce development from a global perspective.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resources management bridges the gap between business strategy and results. The human resources department helps achieve this by acquiring and retaining qualified employees. Professionals in the industry consult with corporate executives regarding a company’s future and develop methods for recruiting the best-suited individuals to meet corporate objectives.

The job requires a range of high-level skills. Specialists in the position perform best if they possess strong organizational, leadership, management and interpersonal abilities. In addition, human resources professionals understand insurance policies, legal issues and the workplace mediation process. In this profession, you will also benefit from managerial skills. Many professionals in the industry manage support staff. The position also requires that you possess a diplomatic and politically correct personality. This requirement works well in situations that require the termination of an employee’s position or disciplinary action.

When preparing for your masters in human resource management degree, keep in mind that some undergraduate degree programs that in the in a bachelors degree will better prepare you for the coming coursework. For example, a bachelor’s degree in business administration will lay the foundation for understanding how businesses perform in a global economy.

What Will I Study in the Program?

The Masters in human resource management offers students a high-level education in business ethics, strategy and organizational effectiveness. Some schools offer students the opportunity to concentrate in a specific area. For example, you may be interested in human resource development or diversity and inclusion management, to name a few. Consequently, your selected area of concentration will determine the type of courses you take. Although, there are some courses that are common to this degree program.

Why should I Pursue this Degree?

The Masters in human resource management is designed for professionals seeking to upgrade their skills or individuals who are just entering the industry. People who are already employed in the industry should consider taking the master’s degree program to improve their knowledge of changes in the global economy. In addition, upgrading your skills to accommodate changes in technology will give you a competitive advantage. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that higher-level positions may require a masters degree in human resources management or labor relations.

What Standard Courses Will I Take?

You can expect to take a number of core courses, electives and classes in your selected concentration. In addition, some schools require that students complete a capstone project. Examples of classes you might take include information technology, global economy and management, financial management, organizational behavior, methodology of research, human resource metrics, compensation and benefits, organizational assessment and Labor Relations.

Some degree programs offer specialized courses that address international concerns in the field. For example, you might take classes in global labor and employment law, geopolitics, multinational business policy and institutional discrimination.
Similar to most master’s degree programs, you will either take a capstone project or complete a research project that ends in a thesis. The capstone project will allow you to apply the skills and knowledge you obtained in the classroom in a work environment.

What Career Opportunities Can I Take Advantage Of?

The masters degree in human resource management will prepare you for a range of career opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that some similar occupations include administrative services manager, human resources specialist or compensation and benefits manager. In addition, you can seek opportunities in organizational effectiveness, executive coaching or employment training.

Job growth statistics show that through 2020 people in the field can expect a growth rate of roughly 13%. One of the most important job growth concerns in the industry is the use of human resources information systems. These advances in technology allow companies to complete a range of administrative tasks using computer systems. Consequently, you should consider taking courses in human resources information systems and Eve all the technologies to keep yourself updated on changes in the industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities will be more plentiful in the scientific, technical and professional industries. Despite 13% job growth through 2020, individuals who possess a master’s degree will most likely experience the best job prospects.

Why Should I Pursue this Degree Online Instead of On Campus?

The online Masters in human resource management offers students flexibility. If you are currently working, you can take advantage of distance education with minimal interruption to your daily schedule. Online degree programs generally offer the same courses that you can find through campus-based options. Another common advantage to online degree programs is the lower cost of tuition. Furthermore, you can reduce costs by limiting your commute and gaining access to class materials online. Another huge advantage to taking courses online is that you can select the time you decide to study. One of the major benefits of attending classes on campus is access to professional organizations and students interested in similar pursuits. Despite this, if you select the school in your area that offers an online Masters in human resource management, you can still participate in extracurricular activities, organizations and professional networking opportunities.

What Are the Requirements for Admission?

The requirements for admission to a master’s degree program depend heavily on the school you choose to attend. Generally, programs require that students possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. In most situations, people interested in human resources management pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance or information technology.

Some of the technical requirements for admission include an evaluation of your academic program and review of standardized test scores. Each university establishes its own criteria when reviewing your academic background, although many require that you meet a minimum grade point average in coursework relevant to the program. Be prepared to submit standardized test scores for the GRE or GMAT along with your application. If you possess a strong work history, you may want to focus on developing transferable skills prior to applying for admission. In some situations, the school will review your resume to determine the possibility of professional success.

The human resources management professional provides an invaluable business service. If you are seeking a competitive edge in the industry, pursuing a graduate degree might improve your employment prospects. The Masters in human resource management will prepare you to embark on a professional career. You will study a range of topics that prepare you to successfully manage human capital and provide knowledge of the administrative functions required for success in the industry. The online Masters in human resource management offers courses similar to traditional programs. Taking advantage of an online program provides a higher degree of flexibility and can lower the cost of attendance.