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Healthcare Administration & Management

To obtain a master’s in health administration, students must take advanced health administration courses. Health administration is a field that covers the management of hospitals and other health care programs. Students can obtain a master’s in health administration online or in a traditional classroom setting.

University Degree Offerings

  • Marylhurst University Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

    The Marylhurst University Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management seeks to provide its students with a contemporary view of the current advancements in healthcare paired with cutting-edge business practices. Our dedicated faculty educates future healthcare leaders and emphasizes the balance that healthcare administrators must maintain to remain effective. The unique dynamic of the healthcare industry is thoughtfully examined with an emphasis on marketing, strategic planning, and ethical issues.

  • New England College Master of Science in Management in Healthcare Administration

  • Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

    The online MBA at Northeastern University with a specialization in Healthcare Management allows students to fully immerse themselves in the progression of the healthcare industry and to better understand their role within it. The courses within the program explore the analysis of management aspects specific to the healthcare industry including marketing, strategy development, analysis of the impact of change, and healthcare reform.

  • Ohio University Master of Business Administration in Healthcare

    The Ohio University Master of Business Administration in Healthcare program emphasizes the importance of a strong business management foundation coupled with the industry-specific needs of the healthcare industry. Our students learn not only the importance of being effective managers and leaders, but, perhaps more importantly, how to apply what they’ve learned in real-world healthcare management situations.

  • Ohio University Master of Health Administration

    The Ohio University Master of Health Administration program prepares students for leadership in the field. Graduates of our program earn their health administration degree online and enter a fast-growing segment of the U.S. labor market. The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts that there will be 45,000 annual job openings for medical and health services managers between 2002 and 2012, making our program significant for those interested in career advancement.

  • The George Washington University Master of Business Administration in Healthcare

    The George Washington University Healthcare MBA is designed for working professionals who want the flexibility of an online program, while still earning a prestigious degree from an acclaimed university. The core courses establish the foundations of business knowledge, while the specialized elective courses provide a more in-depth view of healthcare management.

  • University of Cincinnati Master of Health Administration

    The University of Cincinnati’s Master of Health Administration program welcomes career-oriented individuals who want to help shape the direction of health care organizations. Students are sought who bring both a business mind and a commitment to caring for the enterprise, its patients and families, and its employees. Our students gain employment in hospitals, physician practices, long term care settings, and consultant organizations.

  • University of Florida Master of Science in Pharmacy – Medication Therapy Management

    The University of Florida Master of Science in Pharmacy – Medication Therapy Management program is the only masters degree available in the emerging field of Medication Therapy Management. Our cutting edge curriculum is designed for pharmacists who wish to explore ways to improve medication outcomes through drug therapy and patient education/consultation.

  • University of Southern California Executive Master of Health Administration

    The USC Executive Master of Health Administration program prepares students for careers leading to executive leadership positions in the health care industry. Designed to enhance management, interpersonal and organizational skills and abilities, the program also is intended to instill you with a desire and skills that focus on self-development, critical thinking and life-long learning.

Healthcare Administration & Management

The majority of universities and colleges offer this degree. Programs that lead to master’s degrees in healthcare administration may be found within a school’s medical department or business department. Most schools post the degree programs the offer online, so researching schools in your area is easy. After you find schools you are interested in, compare their programs to determine the best fit for you.

Why a Healthcare Administration & Management Degree

Master’s in health administration degree programs teach students management fundamentals specific to running healthcare establishments. Each healthcare structure has a leadership hierarchy that helps it operate smoothly. These systems are all different, but a master’s degree program provides students with the tools they need to run any healthcare system.

Healthcare Administration & Management Courses & Areas of Study

Healthcare administration degree programs cover a variety of topics. Some of these topics include:

  • Population health and improvement of healthcare
  • Principles of management
  • Financial aspects of healthcare facilities
  • Healthcare economics and policies

Each of these topics deepens a student’s understanding of the field of healthcare management. After the master’s program is complete, each student will have a well-rounded understanding of administrative work.

Healthcare Administration & Management Career Opportunities

The need for workers in health administration is expected to increase in the future. This is due to the fact that the need for nurses and doctors is increasing, which directly leads to a need for more health administrators. As the medical field expands, the demand for healthcare professionals will grow exponentially. If you obtain a degree in health administration, you should be able to find plenty of open positions.

Online Healthcare Administration & Management Degrees

It is possible to obtain a master’s in health administration online. This option is ideal if your schedule won’t allow you to complete a degree in a traditional classroom setting. Online masters in health administration courses operate similar to traditional courses. You will still have an instructor, and you must still complete and submit assignments even if you obtain your masters in health administration online.

Healthcare Administration & Management Education & Admissions Requirements

To apply for a place in a master’s in health administration program, complete the application provided by the school of your choice. Each school has requirements that potential students must meet before they will be accepted. If you are worried about being accepted by a particular school, consider applying to more than one. Once you receive an acceptance, the school will provide you with additional instructions for beginning your coursework.

Healthcare Administration & Management Accreditation

There are several recognized accrediting agencies and professional associations for the Healthcare Administration & Management industry. Be certain to research the accrediting body before selecting a program.

Top Ranked Healthcare Administration & Management Degrees

When looking for a college or university to obtain your degree, take into consideration what top rank institutions have to offer. Top rank schools cost more but they also set a higher precedence for your education. By obtaining an Healthcare Administration & Management degree from a top rank institution, your degree program is automatically validated as being of superior quality. Healthcare Administration & Management programs are offered by several top ranking institutions in the country, as substantiated by the U.S. News and World Report for 2012. By choosing this degree from one of the high ranking schools, you can obtain a world class education to enhance your future.

Healthcare Administration & Management Professional Organizations

There are a number of professional organizations for Healthcare Administrators and Managers. Among them are:

  • American College of Health Care Administrators
    Professional society for long term care, assisted living, and subacute care administrators
  • American School Health Association
    Uniting many professionals working in schools who are committed to safeguarding the health of school-aged children.
  • Canadian Institute for Health Information
    Offers information on expenditures, services and professionals in Canada from CIHI’s standards, data and analysis products.