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Financial Services

A master’s in financial services degree can be for those who have just completed a bachelor’s degree, or for those who have been in the job market for a number of years. Although the jobs future for people with finance degrees is not excepted to keep up with other professions, those with a master’s in financial services are expected to be more fortunate that those with bachelor’s degrees. There are a variety of jobs available for people who complete master’s in finance degrees, including both public and private sector jobs.

University Degree Offerings

  • Marylhurst University Master of Business Administration in Finance

    Marylhurst University’s Master of Business Administration in Finance emphasizes the importance of a thorough understanding of the intricacies of maintaining an organization’s fiscal health. Every business professional needs to have some understanding of finance, but Marylhurst’s program truly prepares financial experts. The program offers an advanced perspective of corporate and international organizational finance.

  • New England College Master of Science in Management in Banking and Financial Management

  • Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in Finance

    The Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in Finance program focuses on a great number of issues affecting financial professionals today. Our program provides a distinctive perspective, examining how to specifically address global organizational fiscal issues, including workouts, bankruptcies, and liquidations. Our distinguished faculty use actual case studies to engage students and to allow for thoughtful analysis and creative problem solving.

  • Northeastern University Master of Science in Finance

  • Norwich University Master of Business Administration in Finance

    The Norwich University Master of Business Administration in Finance program provides students with a working knowledge of the key theories in managerial finance and strategic fiscal management. An emphasis on experiential learning and critical analysis allows our students to apply knowledge immediately in their current organizational roles and increase professional marketability.

  • Ohio University Master of Business Administration in Finance

    The Ohio University Master of Business Administration in Finance program allows students to complete their degree entirely online and graduate in as little as two years. Our fully accredited program emphasizes the importance of enabling students to enact organizational change on a global level. Developing skills and knowledge as financial professionals is the utmost goal.

Financial Services Degrees

Those who seek a Master’s in Finance degree will have a bachelor’s degree in finance, or some sort of business related field. There are some differences in those who seek a master’s in finance degree compared to someone who might seek an MBA. One difference is an MBA candidate is often somewhat older, while a master’s in finance candidate may not have any work experience prior to starting the program. Another common difference is that most master’s in finance programs actually have more finance classes than MBA programs.

Why a Degree in Financial Services Online

Those who wish to seek careers, or career advancement as financial analysts, portfolio managers, or chief financial officers should consider earning a master’s in finance degree. Those with this degree can also work in real estate, insurance, both investment and commercial banking, and they can get federal, state, or local agency jobs, as-well-as, of course, private sector jobs.

Financial Services Degree Courses & Areas of Study

There can be some variety in the curriculum of various master’s in finance degree courses depending on the end career the student has in mind. There are several courses that are common to all or most master’s in finance degree programs, although each program can have some variance as to the emphasis of each class.

  • Risk management
  • Financial reporting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Econometrics
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial markets
  • Portfolio management

Financial Services Degree Career Opportunities

In general, those who seek jobs as financial managers over the next several years may experience a less than robust job market, as these jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 9 percent, which is slower than most jobs. However, those with a master’s degree can expect to have an advantage in finding jobs. With a median salary of all financial managers $103,910, it may be worth the risk of earning a master’s in finance degree.

Online Financial Services Degrees

The U.S. News and World Report lists the top online master’s in finance degree programs as the Keller Graduate School of Management, Kaplan University, and the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. All of these programs have a reputation for turning out quality graduates ready to take a lead role in finance in either private or public finance.

Financial Services Degree Education & Admission Requirements

Although the exact requirements of each university program can vary, there are some common requirements to be admitted to a master’s in finance program. A bachelor’s degree is always required, and often a minimum grade point average is also required. If a graduate has been out of college for some time, there may be a way to waive the grade point average minimum, which varies by program. Most programs also require some sort of graduate school test, which could be the GRE or the GMAT. Many programs also require letters of recommendation from either an employer or from university faculty.

Financial Services Accreditation

Not being able to attend classes on a traditional campus doesn’t have to stand in the way of a Financial Services degree goal. There are a number of accredited schools that offer online degrees in Financial Services. Online Financial Services courses provide flexibility for students who work or have other obligations that require a flexible schedule. Always investigate an online degree program thoroughly before making any type of commitment.

Top Ranked Financial Services Degrees

According to U.S. New & World Report, the top financial services programs in the United States in 2011 were Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, University of California-Berkley in Berkley in Berkley, California, and the University of Texas at Austin. All of these programs are noted not only for exceptional finance programs, but very good business programs too.

Financial Services Professional Organizations

There are a great number of professional organizations for financial services professionals. One with thousands of members is the Association of Financial Professionals which helps members find jobs, find better jobs, and keep them informed about trends and changes in the financial markets.