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Masters in Engineering Management

Engineering management is both science and an art. This career requires engineers to organize, plan, and allocate resources, as well as direct and control activities with technological components. This career is quickly becoming a professional discipline that is nationally recognized. Engineering managers possess the abilities to apply the principles of engineering, organization skills, and management tools. Engineering is a great career that pays well for those in higher-level positions. Continue reading to learn more about the various opportunities available for future engineering students and managers.

University Degree Offerings

  • Ohio University Master of Engineering Management

    The Ohio University Master of Engineering Management program combines the management principles of an MBA program with comprehensive, quantitative and analytical tools to prepare experienced technical professionals to solve the complex issues in today’s technical and global companies.

Engineering Management

An online education has many benefits to offer and has grown in popularity. Earning a masters of engineering management degree online allows working adults to have the flexibility they need. There are many schools and programs online that offer engineering management masters programs that will fit each individual and help them reach their academic goals and not have to sacrifice their life commitments. Universities and colleges both traditional and online offer masters in engineering management programs for graduate and undergraduate degree students. Many of these masters engineering management programs will also offer a variety of specialties in the engineering industry. There are a variety of options available for future students which will ensure they find the perfect school or program to fit their individual career goals.

Why an Engineering Management Degree

A masters in engineering management degree has many benefits. It is a necessity for anyone wanting to advance in the engineering industry. A master of engineering management degree can make a large impact on options for career advancement as well as increase salary. Engineering management masters programs help a professional build a network of other business professionals and provide them with an education in finance, operations, accounting, management and more. A masters engineering management degree is a coveted degree not only for business professionals but students in general. This degree can be earned in a few years and earning a masters of engineering management degree increases your marketability.

Engineering Management Courses & Areas of Study

Students of masters in engineering management programs will likely take courses revolving around project planning, computer labs, and businesses. These courses include product management, finance, accounting, improvement methods, and courses in areas of specialties. They will take courses on operations management, marketing, entrepreneurial management, and ethics and legal issues. The courses a person will take in engineering management masters programs will vary depending on the college or university attended.

Engineering Management Career Opportunities

In most cases those graduating from masters engineering management programs online have the same career opportunities as graduates of masters of engineering management programs from traditional schools. The curriculum of business degree programs includes coursework in finances, economics, and business. They also contain courses in operations, management, and strategy. The specialization chosen will determine other courses an MBA student will be taking. Engineers will be able to move up into management and even higher-level positions within their industry. This degree will also prepare graduates to make a career change or start their own engineering business.

Online Education Management Degrees

Online degrees in Engineering Management are appropriate for practicing engineers aspiring to advance their career along a path of steadily increasing responsibility within an engineering or technology based organization. Many programs can be customized according to the individual’s level of experience and ultimate objectives.

Engineering Management Education & Admissions Requirements

Although applying to MBA programs is fairly straightforward, it is not necessarily easy. Applications require a student to think clearly, plan cleverly, and demonstrate why they make a great candidate for the program. Each individual business school will have unique application requirements. This means a prospective student will need to read all instructions carefully and differentiate themselves from other candidates. Most schools will require an application, a written essay, recommendation letters, transcripts, SAT scores, an interview, and any applications for financial aid.

Engineering Management Degree Accreditation

Prior to enrolling into online masters of business administration programs, you should be sure that the school is accredited. The accreditation should fall into regional accreditation, professional, or distance learning accreditation categories. If the school is not accredited by any of these, the degree you have worked so hard for will be invalid. The regional accreditation should be from North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The professional accreditation you should look for is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The Distance Education and Training Council grants accreditation for distance learning but should the program have an AACSB or regional accreditation, this accreditation is not needed.

Top Ranked Engineering Management Degrees

Earning an Engineering Management from a highly ranked institution adds credibility and respect for the knowledge implied by the accomplishment. Prominent institutions with Engineering Management programs also receive high ranks by such organizations as U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review.

Engineering Management Professional Organizations

There are various organizations and societies dedicated to the engineering management field. The Engineering Management Society, a division of IEEE, is one of the largest societies around. The American Society of Engineering Management is another professional organization. Professionals should become members of these or other professional organizations. Membership provides them the opportunity to learn, grow, and network with others in the career field. Networking can also bring more job opportunities.