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Athletics & Coaching

It is an advanced degree related to masters in education often taken by students who are aiming for high-level, professional coaching positions, coaches who just want to take their own skills to the next level, or students who want to teach in an athletic department. This kind of degree can be broadly applied, since it covers areas like strategy, sports psychology, sports law and other aspects of coaching that can be applied to many different kinds of sports, and coaching positions. A masters in coaching education is often one of the requirements for high-visibility coaching positions on prestigious league teams and may be attained through an online masters in degree in coaching program or more traditional coaching masters degree programs.

University Degree Offerings

  • Ohio University Master of Arts in Athletic Administration

    The Ohio University Master of Arts in Athletic Administration program offers a unique professional development opportunity that fills the academic void between programs in educational administration and physical education. Our dedicated faculty fosters leadership and administrative skills while building professional growth in coaches and athletic administrators. The student experience is renowned for its positive and practical approach in the world of educational athletics.

  • Ohio University Master of Arts in Coaching Education

    The Ohio University Master of Arts in Coaching Education program is designed to train professionals in the most current and up-to-date coaching and technological skills. Training in methods for assessing, evaluating, coaching, and training a diverse range of athletes will prepare them for an advanced career opportunities in coaching fields within the intercollegiate, interscholastic, and youth sport areas.

Athletics & Coaching

Several fields may prepare one to work as a coach, such as sports science, kinesiology, nutrition and fitness, physiology and sports medicine. However, schools offer undergraduate and graduate certificate and master’s degree programs that are specifically geared towards coaching.

Why a Athletics & Coaching Degree

A masters degree in coaching isn’t required for a coaching position at the high school level, though it is sometimes required to coach college-level teams; however, a student who aspires to be the head master certified coach of a professional team is usually expected to be a master certified coach, as well as extensive prior experience as a coach or assistant coach. A master’s degree is also beneficial to college-level coaching applicants who want to differentiate themselves from rivals in a competitive career field. Some students who go on for their coaching masters degree are also looking to fill in spotty areas in their resume, such as knowledge of the business side of sports coaching.

Athletics & Coaching Courses & Areas of Study

A masters degree in coaching teaches students a wide range of skills applicable to coaching. Classes might focus on business subjects, such as the intricacies of sports law, or psychological topics, such as the psychology of sports performance. It may cover leadership, sports theory and teaching methodologies, as well as physiology, sports medicine, and how to prevent injury. The many aspects of coaching are brought together to give students the tools for optimum performance. Students may obtain a masters degree in coaching online.

Athletics & Coaching Career Opportunities

Students who complete a master’s or online masters degree in coaching may apply for coaching positions on college-level or even professional-level sports teams. They may choose to apply for teaching positions with a university athletic program, become sports talent scouts, or work for clubs or private companies specializing in the training of elite athletes, such as athletes who hope to compete in the Olympics. For those interested in furthering their education while working, programs that facilitate an online masters degree in coaching is a flexible alternative to traditional classes.

Online Athletics & Coaching Degrees

There are graduate-level online certificate programs available for aspiring coaches. These programs focus on techniques, strategies, leadership and organization for coaching a number of sports. In addition to general coaching certificate programs, there are also programs available that tailor the curriculum to a specific sport of the student’s choosing. The basic coaching principles are established and participants gain an understanding of nutrition, health issues in sports and physical conditioning.

Many who enter into this type of program are already established coaches who desire to further develop their knowledge and coaching techniques. Upon completion of this certificate program participants are eligible to coach recreation leagues, interscholastic sports, collegiate sports, youth leagues and at the professional level.

Athletics & Coaching Education & Admissions Requirements

Applicants for a masters in coaching education can expect to submit standardized test scores and letters of recommendation. While a bachelor’s degree may be an acceptable prerequisite, a bachelor’s in a sports-related field, such as physical education or sports science may be preferred. Prior experience playing or coaching sports may not be required for admission into the program.

Athletics & Coaching Accreditation

It’s very important for students contemplating a coaching masters degree to choose an accredited school that is recognized accrediting agency. If a school has been accredited by a legitimate agency, it has satisfied basic quality standards.
What can happen if the school you choose isn’t accredited? You might spend years of study and thousands of dollars in tuition, only to find that other schools — or potential employers — consider your degree invalid. You might also find that you cannot transfer your course credits to another school – and be forced to take your courses over again elsewhere.

Top Ranked Athletics & Coaching Degrees

Earning a Athletics & Coaching degree from a highly ranked institution adds credibility and respect for the knowledge implied by the accomplishment. Prominent institutions with Athletics & Coaching programs also receive high ranks by such organizations as U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review.

Athletics & Coaching Professional Organizations

There are dozens of professional organizations available for working masters certified coaches to join. Many are specific to a particular sport, such as the American Football Coaches Association. Others focus on a particular group inside of coaching, such as the Black Coaches and Administrators; still, others are for master certified coaches working in a certain level of education, such as the National High School Coaches Association.

Professional coaching organizations offer benefits, such as industry news, opinion and education in association journals, job boards, online libraries, and the opportunity to attend conventions. They may also offer members a way to organize and lobby for causes important to their industry, such as hiring issues, ethical standards or league rules.