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International Business MBA

For the Bachelor of Science business graduate interested in working internationally, an MBA international business degree offers a thorough education in global business practices and international trade. Besides developing a broader understanding of the issues that affect international businesses, graduates acquire inter-cultural awareness when they study at a school’s international campuses. Students studying abroad practice their foreign language skills and learn how to build business relationships across cultures. Graduates with an MBA in international business are recognized as business leaders with acumen in international trade; with experience these graduates often become top-level executives for global divisions or companies. Multiple MBA international business jobs are open to students with this degree.

University Degree Offerings

  • Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in International Management

    The Northeastern University Master of Business Administration in International Management program helps students to develop the skills necessary to meet the needs of global clientele. Our coursework focuses on the operation of foreign exchange markets, multinational capital management, and multinational control systems. Multiple cultures are examined so that students are able to cultivate a balanced perspective.

International MBA

The International MBA is designed for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of global business issues, potentially spend some time studying abroad, develop intercultural management skills as well as build cultural fluency. Earning an International MBA is viewed as a serious indication of a student’s commitment to a career in international business.

Why an International MBA online

International Master of Business Administration distance learning programs are specifically designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers with a sophisticated level of specialization tailored to meet their academic and professional goals.

International MBA Courses & Areas of Study

Some schools also offer an online MBA international business degree for classes not conducted abroad, which may include a curriculum that covers managerial cost accounting, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. Other coursework covers globalization, international law and ethics, managerial economics and financial analysis and strategy. Additional classes may include study in information technology perspectives, advanced corporate finance, leadership, multinational management and policy, people and organizational management, international trade laws, import and export tax law and much more.

International MBA Career Opportunities

Graduates with an online MBA international business or an international business MBA often choose a career as an administrative service manager, management analyst, marketing manager or executive manager. Graduates can work in a variety of careers in business administration, finance, sales and marketing or they can find a career working in government at an embassy in a foreign country. Additional MBA international business jobs include careers in the travel and hospitality industries, banking, global nonprofit organizations and more.

Online International MBA Degrees

In today’s global and highly competitive market, a growing number of companies of all sizes have international connections in one way or another. These companies increasingly rely on professionals who are cognizant of the differences in ethics, culture, strategies, etc. on an international scale. An international business MBA will prepare students to meet these unique challenges and implement appropriate and innovative solutions within a global playing field. Answering the demand of working professionals, many of the top accredited colleges and universities now offer international MBA Business Administration Degrees both on campus and through online or distance learning. Both methods of study give students the same high caliber degree with online or e-learning affording students more flexibility with study schedules.

International MBA Education & Admissions Requirements

Most graduate schools that offer a MBA in international business require the student to be fluent in a foreign language prior to admission to the MBA international business program or be able to show foreign language courses. Students must fill out the school admission application, provide copies of college transcripts, present a current resume and in some cases offer up letters of recommendation. Most MBA in international business programs require test scores from the Graduate Management Admissions Test GMAT administered by an accredited testing agency. Some colleges may even require students to present written essays as well as attend an interview, if invited.

International MBA Accreditation

Accreditation by a recognized accrediting association not only guarantees a quality education, it allows the school to offer federally-backed finance and grant programs. While a college may indicate that it has accreditation, the premiere accrediting body for business master’s programs is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB. The AACSB is a member of the Council for Higher Education Association, the international body that recognizes and empowers accrediting agencies. MBA international business graduate programs accredited by the AACSB ensure a quality education.

Accreditation occurs at two levels; the school is accredited and then further accreditation is sought for specific programs, such as an online MBA international business program. The accreditation consists of an initial review and then ongoing reviews periodically. Areas reviewed for accreditation include the school’s mission, coursework, financial relationships, services and more.

Top Ranked International MBA Degrees

University ranking also plays a big role in the quality of your degree program and its effectiveness in helping you establish your career. Obtaining an International MBA from an institution that has a high educational standing adds greater credibility to your degree. To get the most from your educational investment, make sure you choose a school with qualified faculty and adequate resources for your field.

International Business MBA Professional Organizations

Professional affiliations and organizations allow the graduate student to connect with peers and other professionals. Relationships developed through this type of networking often follow a graduate throughout the life of their career. Joining a professional organization can help graduates advance their careers, find internship positions or even acquire the chance to interview with a global corporation. Many organizations exist for students studying for the international MBA at the school level.

Graduating with an MBA doesn’t always guarantee immediate employment, but joining a professional organization can help the graduate find the kind of job for which they look. It’s especially important to find an organization that has international ties, not just domestic ones. Membership fees for joining an organization directly related to an international job may be tax deductible as well. Membership in a professional organization can be the catalyst that kicks starts a career.

Professional organization membership also keeps graduates apprised of updated business trends, allows continuing education and access to special conferences, curriculum and events at reduced prices. A professional organization membership can jump-start a career or provide job leads that are not being advertised, making competition less severe. Most professional organizations typically offer discounted student rates.