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Certificate in Conflict Resolution

A Certificate in Conflict Resolution opens the doors to potential careers in government, law and politics. It also enables recipients to gain knowledge about conflict resolution and apply it to their existing careers. The program itself is not demanding and can be completed in a short period of time.

University Degree Offerings

  • Abilene Christian University Certificate in Conflict Resolution

    The Abilene Christian University Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation program affords students the opportunity to analyze, address, and manage conflict effectively and professionally. Our students will gain in-depth preparation that is invaluable to those seeking a career in dispute resolution. The program will prepare students for leadership roles in careers in dispute resolution and in a wide range of disciplines requiring the effective management of conflict.

Conflict Resolution

Due to the specialized nature of conflict resolution, bachelor and associate degrees in conflict resolution are not offered. The most common education available in conflict resolution is a certificate program that follows the student’s undergraduate program. However, some schools offer Master of Arts degree programs in conflict resolution that is geared towards people who want to make careers out of conflict resolution, such as mediators and police personnel.

Why a Certificate in Conflict Resolution

  • Certificate programs in Conflict Resolution hit the major points of the discipline without keeping students in school for years. Students can complete the certificate program in less than a year while keeping their personal and professional lives intact.
  • Receiving a Certificate in Conflict Resolution does not tie the student to conflict management for their entire careers. Instead, it functions as a valuable specialty that can help students handle difficult situations at work, thereby enhancing their careers.
  • Conflict resolution certificate programs incorporate a residency requirement that exposes students to real-life problems while they are still completing their studies. This gives students an idea of how their newfound skills will be useful in the corporate world.

Certificate in Conflict Resolution Courses and Areas of Study

Certificate programs in conflict resolution usually consist of just a handful of courses. Covered topics include:

  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Theory
  • Conflicts Across Cultures
  • Resolving Marital Disputes
  • Resolving School Disputes

Certificate in Conflict Resolution Career Opportunities

Conflict resolution can be used in almost every discipline. As a result, career opportunities are always available for those with knowledge in conflict resolution. If the certificate is used in conjunction with a job not related to conflict resolution, the opportunities will depend on the popularity and need for that job. Positions dealing exclusively with conflict resolution are most commonly found in state and local government and in legal matters. These positions pay extremely well, with a nationwide average of more than $75,000 annually according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Online Certificates in Conflict Resolution

Most certificate programs in conflict resolution can be taken online. This gives students the opportunity to get a great education without uprooting their entire lives of leaving their jobs. It also helps students to gain independence and learn how to work without direct supervision. While these programs are available online, students must travel to complete any residency requirements that are necessary to complete the program. The cost of this travel is not covered by the university or any scholarships students may receive.

Certificate in Conflict Resolution Education & Admissions Requirements

To qualify for a Certificate in Conflict Resolution, students must have completed a bachelors degree from an accredited university and achieved a 3.0 GPA or better in classes relating to conflict resolution. Students must also provide letters of recommendation and compose a personal essay stating why the student would benefit from inclusion in the program.

Certificate in Conflict Resolution Accreditation

Just as students must show that they went to an accredited undergraduate school in order to gain acceptance into the Certificate in Conflict Resolution program, they must also choose an accredited and nationally recognized school for their certificate program. Choosing a non-accredited school means the certificate holds far less water than if it were conferred by a school that has accreditation and a top reputation.

Top Ranked Conflice Resolution Certificates

It is strongly advised that students pursue their Certificate in Conflict Resolution at the best school possible. A school that is ranked highly, or at least is considered to be among the best, gives true credibility to the certificate and, by extension, the student. If a school is not nationally ranked, any school with a well-respected faculty that has notable experience in the field will suffice. Students should take this part of their search seriously, as attending the right school can open doors for them in their careers.

Conflict Resolution Professional Organizations

The Association for Conflict Resolution is America’s leading organization for conflict resolution professionals. ACR holds annual conferences and attempts to link conflict resolution specialists from across the country together based on their interests and areas of expertise. ACR also has several regional chapters in major markets to facilitate discussion and networking at a more local level.