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Criminal Justice Overview

Criminal Justice is a vital part of our local, state, and Federal community. Criminal Justice professionals keep society safe through a variety of career choices including law enforcement, CIA and FBI agents, corrections officers, and more. To meet the growing demand for this challenging career path, many accredited Colleges and Universities have developed special degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate degrees, which give students comprehensive and fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to protect our country. Master of Science in Criminal Justice degrees are available online and have been specially designed for busy working professionals seeking to increase their knowledge and skills. When selecting the College or University for your Criminal Justice degree, it is important to evaluate school history, accreditation, and the flexibility of course schedules. Salaries and job opportunities in this dynamic and exciting field are both projected to increase over the next 20 years.

What is Criminal Justice?
Our justice system is comprised of three key components: law enforcement, the Judicial branch, and the penal system. Criminal Justice professionals include police officers, detectives, probation officers, lawyers, judges and rehabilitation specialists. The goal of Criminal Justice professionals is to protect public welfare while providing deterrents, just punishments, and rehabilitation to convicted criminals. Today, more than ever before there is an ever expanding need for professional that have been trained in the art of public safety, theories of punishment, and ethics.

Advancing your Criminal Justice Education
In today’s competitive job market, it is more important than ever to have a degree specifically related to the field of your passion and desire. Degree programs in Criminal Justice open the doors to the exciting and rewarding justice system and include the positions of police officers, detectives, private investigators, Foreign Service, agents for the CIA and FBI, and corrections officers. Positions are available at the local, state and Federal level of government. With these positions, it is vital to have honed skills in critical thinking, interpersonal communications partnered with theories and historical perspectives on crime.

Criminal Justice Degrees
Students of all educational backgrounds can find Criminal Justice degree programs that fit with their passion, skills, and long term goals. Degree programs include Bachelor degrees, Master’s degrees, and Doctoral programs. Many online distance learning degree programs for Criminal Justice are available from accredited Colleges and Universities. These programs have been specially adapted to fit with the needs and desires of busy working professionals who wish to further their education while maintaining their job and personal lives.

  • Criminal Justice Degree: Criminal Justice degree programs employ real-world Criminal Justice professionals including chiefs of police, members of the Homeland Security Agency, correctional officers, and other active professionals. This gives students real-world lessons and applications from their faculty members’ vast experience. Bachelor degree programs and Master’s degree programs are available and are focused on training students in negotiation skills, critical thinking, problem solving, ethics, theories of crime and punishment, and situational analysis.

Criminal Justice Schools & Colleges
To meet the growing demand of Criminal Justice graduates, Colleges and Universities across the land have developed specialized programs to educate students who desire to have a career in this field. When choosing the program and school that is right for you, it is important to review and research school histories, accreditation, the type and qualification of faculty, and courses available when you need them. Often times for working professional, online degree programs in Criminal Justice provide the perfect balance of flexibility and quality education.

  • Portland State University: Portland State University set in beautiful Portland, Oregon offers a variety of Criminal Justice degree programs including an Online Bachelor Degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice. Courses include juvenile justice, policing in America, prevention, enforcement, and more. Additionally, they have four professional Certificate programs including the American Justice System, Advanced Crime Analysis, Criminal Behavior and a Post-Bachelor Certificate in Criminology & Criminal Justice. Their Graduate degree program, the Master of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice helps students develop and thorough understanding of the criminal justice system and society’s response to crime.
  • University of Cincinnati: The University of Cincinnati was founded in 1819 and has been at the forefront of education for nearly 200 years. For over four decades, The University of Cincinnati’s School of Criminal Justice has graduated some of the best criminal justice professionals in the land. For the last ten years, the Master of Science in Criminal Justice has been available online to students across the country seeking a flexible Master’s degree program to increase their knowledge, skill and tactics. Courses include applied statistics for criminal justice, basic research methods, correctional theory and practice, applied corrections, crime prevention, juvenile justice, white collar crime, and sex offenders.
  • Boston University: Boston University has a long proud history of educating students through innovative and unique degree programs since it was established in 1839. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice that focuses on the methods and theories of social sciences and the study of criminal activity, policing, court procedures, social policy and corrections. Their Master Of Criminal Justice program is available online so that even busy professional law enforcement officers can take part and further their knowledge and skills. This program focuses on a liberal arts background with interdisciplinary concentrations related to criminal justice. Curriculum includes courses on history, philosophy, politics, and more.

Criminal Justice Careers & Salary
The outlook for career growth in the Criminal Justice arena is projected to be strong through 2030. Today, graduates of Criminal Justice degree programs can look forward to an increase in salaries, career growth, and better skills and tactics for their job. Detectives and Criminal Investigators have a median annual salary of $75,720. Police Officers from across the nation have a median annual income of $53,500. It should be noted that this figures come directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they do not differentiate between veterans, rookies, and those with advanced degrees. With a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, graduates can look forward to higher than the median salaries indicated above.

Criminal Justice Resources
Individuals interested in furthering their education and careers in the competitive and dynamic Criminal Justice field must stay on top of the latest industry news, College and University offerings, and other relevant information to aid in choosing the best degree program and College for their needs. In this industry, it is vital to stay current and informed on the latest news. This website has many resources and articles to help you determine your best course of action for furthering your education and career in Criminal Justice.