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Courses You Can Take While Pursuing a Master’s in Communications

While pursuing a master’s in communications at an online school, you may come to realize that there is a plethora of courses available to you. Typically, these lectures fall into the categories of interpersonal communication, media studies and journalism, and your studies could cover a wide range of topics like gender roles, cross-cultural communication and even applied theory. If you’re thinking about attending an online university for a master’s degree in this field, here is a snapshot of the kinds of courses you can sign up for:

Race, class, gender and media: Intercultural communications

At the University of Florida, you can take a course in the study of race, class, gender and the media and how it they pertain to intercultural communications. Having an outside perspective on a particular culture is completely different than understanding it from an insider’s point of view, and the coursework attempts to break barriers and stereotypes. You’ll be equipped with the skills necessary to work in international communities and fully comprehend social roles in the society.

Integrated marketing communication strategies: Communication management

With a master’s degree in communications management, you can enter a lucrative career in developing strategies for all kinds of businesses, and at the University of Southern California, you can take a course specific to this field of expertise. With a focus in this area, you’ll be ready to come up with ways to develop national and global marketing techniques and be better prepared to communicate and persuade people.

Global marketing communication: Management and international relations

This course, which is offered at a number of online institutions including the University of Southern California, will prepare you for communicating with different cultures around the world. You’ll be able to come up with different methods for dealing with varying markets as well as improve your perceptions of a particular nation or society.