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Communications Specialists Gain Competitive Edge with Master’s Degrees

Getting your master’s degree in communications gives you an edge that many businesses need in order to keep up with the evolving trends of technology and client relations. Not only is having a thorough understanding of business communications crucial to running a successful company, but knowing how to present yourself or your brand to investors, as well as your target audience, can ultimately make or break your overall success.

Seah Liang Cheng, an executive at DSC Solutions, told ZDNet that some of the most important aspects of leading a business are knowing how to pitch ideas to different parties, communicating effectively to colleagues and looking toward the future, instead of dwelling on models that have worked in the past.

If you’re searching for online master’s programs in communications, here are a few areas that you should expect to know inside and out once you’ve successfully earned your degree:

Know your audience
When you’re in a room full of elite business investors, the key is to find steady footing between excitement and coolness. Too much enthusiasm may translate to desperation, while playing it too cool might lead executives to think you’re apathetic and disinterested in the proposal at hand. Cheng told the news source that by executing the “hook,” or the ultimate selling point, business professionals can successfully reel in potential investors.

Additionally, it’s important to showcase that you know who you’re presenting your service to. Advertising agencies that are trying to recruit leading tech companies, from Google to Apple, must understand that their target audience is way ahead of the curve, which means their research must aim to exceed these companies and come up with ideas that haven’t even been considered yet. One way you can help reach these goals is to practice pitches on test groups to see which ideas sink or swim.

Understand your colleagues
Leading a team successfully is directly related to how supervisors communicate with each member. In order to maintain steady workflow, you must promote open communication and a comfortable network where colleagues can express themselves fully.

While disagreements are unavoidable, strong communication skills can help a team come up with the most effective and profitable solution without butting heads. The most important thing for you to get across to your colleagues is that you all have the same goals in mind, so whichever road is easiest and most effective should be the answer for all of you. Additionally, respect should be kept a priority throughout the communication process, Andy Croll, cofounder of hotel sales platform, told the news source.

“Go to a room – shout, scream or trash it out – but most importantly, at the end of the day, you must align your views and come to an agreement on where the business is headed,” Croll told the news outlet.

Embrace social media

Today’s world is all about instant access to friends, work, school and the universe with the help of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. As a result, communication has changed drastically over the past decade. Businesses have become more responsible for showing a deeper, more humane side to their brand, involving their overall purpose, values and mission, so consumers feel like they are a part of something greater when they subscribe to the service.

Business executives are in search of knowledgeable experts who have earned advanced communications degrees to better analyze the consumer and their particular needs. If you’re excited about the prospects of analyzing and dissecting business consumers, this could be the right path for you.