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Communication in the Workplace – What Degrees Can Help?

Communication skills are an indicator of professional growth. And entry-level candidates don’t always have them – especially Millennials. The breakdown of this traditional soft skill is linked to years of exposure to social media. Critics, and employers, believe that most young professionals can’t communicate effectively face-to-face.  Well, it’s time to prove them wrong. An online master’s degree provides valuable leadership and communication skills. Enter the workforce with one of these four online degrees and your soft skills will be sharper than ever.

1. Business Administration

An online Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is the obvious choice for students who need to improve communication. An MBA from the University of Florida features an emphasis in career development. Coursework in Consumer and Managerial Decision Making, as well as Risk and Crisis Management prepares students for intense one-on-one interaction with fellow coworkers and subordinates. The Professional Writing course also offers the opportunity to improve digital communications.

2. Computer Information Systems

IT staff aren’t generally known as the friendliest communicators. An online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University (BU) brings an entirely new approach to the profession through leadership. The degree prepares students for an executive position in computer science or information systems. According to BU, students, “Combine technical skills in information systems with knowledge of managerial and organizational issues,” equipping them to be active participators in their future professions.

3. Special Education, Learning and Behavior Disorders

Communication is key when it comes to working in special education. An online Master of Arts in Education with a focus in Special Education, Learning and Behavior Disorders from Eastern Kentucky University equips students with powerful communication skills. Coursework in Leading Achievement Change teaches students how to assemble staff and communities to promote change within an organization. Additional coursework in Educational Management of Learning and Behavior Disordered Students provides insight into developmental feedback and instructional approaches. These tools are advanced aspects of professional communication. Any employer would be impressed by them.

4. Journalism and Mass Communication

What better degree to advance communication skills than one with “communication” in the title. An online Master’s in Journalism and Communication from Kent State University (KSU) sets students up with lightning-fast critical thinking skills for decision-making and communicating on a dime. According to KSU, “[the] concentration in public relations offers advanced training in social media, management, crisis communications, branding, internal communications and strategic campaigns. The curriculum is dynamic, challenging, and professionally relevant—all thanks to an innovative, world-class faculty with deep academic and professional expertise.” The program is committed to professional development through the use of modern communication tools.

In the current job market, to remain competitive, it’s important to have a diverse skill-set. The degree you pursue today may not link directly to the career you start tomorrow. The good news? Any online master’s degree is adaptable and useable in many professional environments. What employers really want are candidates from all backgrounds to come together to create a dynamic work environment. How will you stack up?