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Colleges with Criminal Justice Majors

Selecting a college is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You want to ensure that the college offers the majors and degrees that interest you so you can follow your career goals. If you are someone who is highly ethical and interested in law, then perhaps a criminal justice degree would be a suitable path. Criminal justice is a highly sought after field because it offers a broad array of career choices and opportunities for advancement.

Career Goals

Prior to selecting a college you must first examine your career goals and personality. You want to ensure that you are choosing the right college and major for you. The top five personality traits for those pursing a criminal justice degree include: leadership, sharp thinking, attention to detail, ability to manage stress, and interest in promoting justice. Those who have a major in criminal justice may consider working in fields in local and state law enforcement (CIA agent, detective, or investigator). Advanced degrees will put criminal justice majors in position to attend law school and or enter politics.

Choosing Criminal Justice

Whether you’re starting your college career or switching careers, you might be wondering what a criminal justice degree program entails; what kind of courses and experiences do you expect? The first course you will take is an introduction to criminal justice. This particular class will focus on topics in crime, court systems, probations, parole, and ethics. This course should touch on the basics of criminal justice. This course will help you to decide to major in criminal justice.

Once you begin taking upper level courses, you can expect to focus on all aspects of law. You must be prepared to read and study very hard. Expect to read through thousands of court cases and wide ranging ethical questions. You should also be aware of other skill sets that this degree program may require, a solid grasp of statistics for example will be mandatory in order to major in criminal justice.

Choosing a College

As you begin your college search, there are many questions to keep in mind. Selecting a college for your criminal justice degree programs is challenging, there are many colleges that offer a major in criminal justice. But you must be diligent in selecting one that meets your needs. Ask yourself whether the program you are looking at focuses more on theory or practical career applications. You might also look at whether or not the college specializes in topics for criminal justice majors. Specializations may offer more opportunity and ensure a career after graduation. Another important component to assess is whether a college is keeping up with the real world issues; does the college offer courses on terrorism or breakthroughs in international security? You should also examine whether or not the school offers criminal justice majors real world experience such as internships or study abroad programs that might expand your opportunity. Once you answer all these questions you can be sure that the criminal justice program you pick is the perfect one for you and your goals.

Benefits of Criminal Justice Degrees

Limited supply and high demand for criminal justice degree programs means that these programs yield excellent investment returns for high caliber students. Job growth is expected so it will help ensure that you find a rewarding successful career after graduation. Many colleges offer online criminal justice majors which is helpful if you’re switching careers or a stay at home parent looking at a way to move up the career ladder. But there are also opportunities at community colleges and major universities. This major is available all over the country. Another benefit within this degree program is that you can begin working with an associate’s degree. Field and real world experience will allow you to grow within your career choice. You will also have the opportunity to learn from experts and interacting with others in the same field. However, a more advanced degree will ensure more profitable positions and prepare individuals for future advancement.

Criminal justice degree programs also offer a wide range of variety. There are many specializations to choose from including terrorism, security management, crime scene analysts or technicians, or correctional treatment specialists. You also have the opportunity to move on to law school or attend police academies. This degree program offers you many different career opportunities.