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MBA Marketing Salaries – Top Marketing Salaries for MBA Graduates

MBA Marketing Salaries Attract Creative Leaders

Two of the top 20 jobs identified by CNN Money in a recent report were marketing positions that come with the type of MBA marketing salaries graduates expect when they complete their advanced degrees. These jobs, brand manager and marketing specialist, have high entry-level pay with respectable ability to advance, which are the most desirable qualities a professional can seek in marketing today.

MBA Marketing careers attract professionals because they provide a unique balance of business and creative skills that allow marketers to get twice the satisfaction from a day’s work. For both of these favored positions, the potential for job growth is expected to be high in the next four years, which is why many professionals might seek an advanced degree in order to cement a higher salary offer after graduation.

What To Expect After You Graduate With a Marketing MBA

Online MBA Programs equip professionals with a strong background that leads to higher wages, but not everyone has the time to devote to an inflexible degree program that fights with their work schedules. Because of this demand, online degrees are rising in popularity, and as the technology advances to make the degree programs more and more impressive, this reliable source of education has become a lifesaver for many seeking to move up in their industries.

When considering online programs, finding the right accelerated program that emphasizes cutting edge marketing skills alongside a dynamic management core is essential to become as competitive as possible in the job marketing. The Online Marketing MBA typically focuses on developing both of these skill sets in its graduates while providing the flexibility one expects from an online program.

Overall, professionals have the right to demand that their degree programs are acknowledging the changes in current business trends and molding their curriculums to provide the very best education possible. With the current state of the economy necessitating some major shakeups in the way business is conducted, marketing is a huge component in that change, so be sure to look for degree programs that confront the transformations in the industry and mold to keep their courses current.

Creative Marketing Jobs are in Demand for Those with MBAs

Retaining customers is any marketer’s greatest duty, and during the recession, only the most talented campaigns managed to maintain customer loyalty. Competition for customers increased dramatically, as people made cutbacks and companies made layoffs, which impacted every industry. One area where the smartest companies didn’t make cutbacks in, though, was marketing, which is why creative marketing is still in such high demand.

With this strategy driving the profits of companies, those who seek higher MBA marketing salaries and want to know what to expect after they graduate could be pleasantly surprised to see a payoff sooner than they think. The best business practices catch on quickly, and as other businesses monitor the success stories of their competitors, the emphasis on marketing has the potential to be the natural solution to many a company’s financial struggles. By educating yourself with an understanding of the most recent marketing trends, MBA marketing professionals can become the heroes of the business world, and with that sort of respect come promotions and higher management positions with even higher MBA marketing salaries.

Average MBA Marketing Salaries

At this point, there’s no question that an advanced degree is a valuable asset for any professional. The Bureau of Labor Statistics consistently identifies furthering education as the most significant step to positively impact one’s salary.  If you want to gain a better understanding you may want to read our article on marketing careers  and jobs for MBAs.  Below, consider some of the following marketing careers and their average salaries:

  • Public Relations Specialist: $51,280
  • Market Research Analyst: $61,070
  • Advertising Manager: $80,220
  • Marketing Manager: $108,580
  • Sales Manager: $110,390

Entry-Level MBA Marketing Salaries

To obtain an entry-level marketing career, a bachelor’s degree is a common requirement, but to gain perspective on how an advanced degree could impact the salary a professional earns, investigate these lower level salaries for the same marketing jobs.

  • Public Relations Specialist: $30,140
  • Market Research Specialist: $33,770
  • Advertising Manager: $40,090
  • Sales Manager: $47,010
  • Marketing Manager: $55,270

These numbers indicate the wages of the lower 10 percent of professionals with these careers, and the difference in salary is substantial when considering they are employed in the exact same responsibilities. However, the potential to earn even more than the average pay in these positions exists, making the difference at times even more staggering.

When it comes to MBA Marketing salaries, what you can expect after you graduate depends largely in prior experience and ambition, but with an advanced degree, the highest level of salary can be achieved, and achieved quickly. With the right background, six-figure salaries above $150,000 for management positions are within reach. An MBA in Marketing does more than increase entry-level salary, it offers the potential for advancement.