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MBA Career Paths and Jobs for Graduates

Professionals Find Career Options For an MBA Graduate Improving

Some of the top employers to consider as career options for an Masters in Business Administration graduate include giant companies like Google, Disney, Apple and Nike, as ranked by recent MBA graduates in a CNN report.  Because of the economy, many job seekers are scrutinizing potential employers nearly as much as the companies are scrutinizing them, asking a necessary but brutal question: how dependable is this employer in today’s shaky job market?

The good news for both employers and job seekers, though, is that things seem to be leveling out, thanks to new business practices being developed and implemented by today’s league of MBA degree holders. So career options for an MBA graduate promise to be more plentiful this year and in the following 10 years, according to a recent report in Business Week

Career Options For an MBA Graduate Expand

In bad economic times, business professionals take comfort in knowing that things are like to see an upswing at some point, and when they do, the best goal is to bulk up one’s resume with either experience or education. Because of educational stimulus packages and increased student grants, education might become an affordable and attractive option for those who wish to remain active during the downtime in their industry but can’t find jobs that match their skill levels.

Perhaps the most attractive types of online mba programs are those that investigate sustainability and environmental issues in the business world, because President Obama recently proposed a spending plan that allots $150 billion over the course of the next 10 years toward alternative energy solutions. Programs that focus on providing this sort of background for future business leaders are likely to see increased funding and better implementation of their program goals.


Online MBA Programs Gives Professionals a Leg Up During Application Process

While ambition is always rewarded in the workplace, unfortunately, some companies don’t always value experience without an MBA in the same way that they prize new applicants who have an MBA. In fact, some businesses use the MBA as a minimal requirement simply to cut back on the number of applications they have to consider before hiring. In today’s economy, where unemployment is still at 9.7 percent,  most job seekers aren’t willing to gamble with those odds any longer.

Looking even further at the discrepancy between degree-holders and non-degree-holders, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that theunemployment rate of non-degree holders in 2008 was at 5.7 percent, while overall median weekly earnings came in at $618, if the individual had a high school degree. If one compares that with a 2.4 percent unemployment rate of those who have a Master’s degree, alongside the MBA degree-holders’ enjoyment of a weekly salary that averaged $1,233, and the value of an MBA becomes more undeniable.


Job Options For an MBA Graduate

MBA graduates enjoy a unique position in the job market, because most industries involve a business component, which means that whatever market the degree holder is interested in, most likely they can find a way to apply their skills to work in it. Typically, employers for professional MBA degree holders are companies, non-profits, universities, government and schools, however, graduates have also found success working in the healthcare, entertainment and sports industries. Other possible industries include media, insurance, legal and self-employment options.

During the course of a Executive MBA Program, students learn core classes to gain an active understanding of accounting, marketing, operations management, finance and human resources. Toward the end of the degree, students can choose to narrow their focus into a specific discipline that would better position them for the work they hope to do after graduation.
Some of the most prevalent career options for an MBA graduate are Financial Controller, Project Manager and Financial Analyst, although a variety of potential careers includes everything from a civil engineer to a marketing director to an accountant to a social worker. Depending on the ultimate goals of the individual, any number of untapped job markets could become available.


MBA Career Salaries for MBA Graduates

Depending on the ultimate goals of the individual, any number of untapped job markets could become available.  In a similar way, the salaries that match up with these job options vary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , these are the median salaries for popular career options for an MBA graduate:

  • Social Worker: $45,000
  • Financial Analyst: $50,000
  • Accountant: $65,000
  • Civic Engineer: $78,000
  • Financial Controller: $80,000
  • Art Director: $90,000
  • Marketing Director $118,000

For a better understanding of what the average salary is for a certain position in a specific area of the United States, use a salary calculator, like the service offered at These calculators help employees all over the country to know what sort of pay rates to expect in different regions.

Additional considerations that might be made by any person seeking out career options for an MBA graduate are what sort of work environment is desired and what reputation a company or organization has.