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Information Technology Careers

Information technology is a vital part of modern society. No longer confined to engineering professionals or computer design and programming, it is estimated that there will be nearly three hundred thousand new information technology jobs open by the year 2018. The increasing growth of mobile technology and the use of cell phones, iPods, and other mobile communication devices also are creating new information technology jobs that were not available in the past. Another influence on the expansion of information technology jobs is a result of information technology being used to restructure health care communication and data sharing. The health care field along with businesses and organizations across the nation and around the world are realizing that information technology cannot be separated from their day-to-day operations and planning.

Information technology will no doubt continue to shape the way businesses and organizations operate. Mobile technology and advances in digital communication will be a huge factor in facilitating operations worldwide involving service delivery, receiving, transmitting, editing vital records, and connecting services throughout a community. Mobile communication and technology will require businesses to redesign websites to be mobile friendly, take advantage of wireless technology to communicate with customers, clients and other business over wireless communications devices, and maintain security of all data transmitted and received across the wireless networks.

Businesses large and small are quickly realizing that their success and future profitability depends on the management of information technology systems to assist in reaching and maintaining their goals. The expansion of information technology as part of a vital business structure is creating new opportunities in information technology careers that were unheard of just a few years ago. Information technology careers are becoming business-focused, social, and cloud oriented. Information technology careers that are currently emerging among businesses include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Architect
  • Mobile or Wireless Technology Expert
  • Social Media Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Enterprise Mobile Developer

As you research possible career opportunities, you will also find openings in traditional IT fields such as:

  • Computer and Information Systems Project Management
  • Computer Software Engineers and Developers
  • Webmasters and Web Developers
  • Information Assurance Specialists
  • Database Administrators
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Network Architects and Engineers

Information technology salary range varies according to several factors including company or organization, your skills level and experience, special certifications, and even geographic locations around the country and globally. Compared to other technical fields, your information technology salary is likely to be higher than most at an entry-level position according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Promotions with comparable salary increases also are likely to occur more frequently as you remain current with certification requirements or ongoing education to stay informed of the ever-changing technology. With a little research, you can find out what specific qualifications companies you wish to approach are seeking and compare them with your own skills, background, and experience. You can compare salary ranges on several web resources. Some companies also list their information technology salary ranges along with their promotional levels and the qualifications for advancement online.

The career titles lists are not all inclusive. Due to the rapid changes taking place within the information technology field, these titles will continue to expand. The qualifications and expertise within each position will also depend on the business or organization as well as which information system they have in place. As a professional information technologist, you understand the need to stay in tune to the latest advances in technology, systems, and products. With a clear understanding of these changes, you can bring valuable insight to your workplace and partner with management to keep the organization running efficiently and profitably now and in the future. A career in information technology gives you a chance to be at the frontline of technology changing the way the world communicates in the years ahead.