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How to Find a Teaching Job with a Masters in Education

Someone who has earned a masters in education has taken a big step to improving his or her value in the teaching profession. Students who are taught by a teacher with a masters degree in education are receiving an education from a skilled, prepared professional. Once a person has graduated, he or she may wonder how to go about getting a teaching position. Well, there are several ways for a skilled instructor to find a suitable teaching position.

One way for a person to find a teaching job is to go to the websites of several local schools or one large school district. Oftentimes, a school’s website has a category where all of the available teaching jobs are listed. Most likely, teacher candidates will be required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Right away, a candidate with a masters of education will have an advantage over any teacher who applies with only a bachelor’s degree. Teaching job descriptions on a school’s website include other requirements for the position as well as when the teacher would be expected to begin work. Teachers who have a masters in education should begin applying to these teaching jobs as soon as possible so the administration will have plenty of time to review their credentials. In addition, a teacher with a master of education should direct his or her resume directly to the principal of each school.

Another resource for a teacher with a masters of education who is looking for a teaching position is to consult a job website that specializes in teaching positions. A teacher may be able to narrow a search down to a few nearby schools with teaching positions available. Some schools advertise on these teacher-centered websites in order to garner a large response to an open teaching position. Consequently, they are able to choose from a wide range of qualified candidates for the job.

Many people in search of teaching positions ask their friends who are also teachers. It’s likely that a friend who teaches in a large school district knows about a teaching position that is open or soon to be open. Perhaps a teacher friend is aware of a teaching position for a candidate who possesses a masters in special education. Asking friends who works in the field of education is an effective way to find open teaching positions; networking is very important to any career. In addition, a friend who works in the same profession can often give another teacher a reference when it comes to interviewing for a job.

Some teachers who have a masters of education prefer a face-to-face encounter with a principal who may be hiring teachers. A qualified teacher who drops by the office of a school may be able to introduce him or herself to the principal and drop off a resume. Even if there are no teaching positions available at that time, a principal will likely remember a qualified teacher who makes it a point to personally express interest in working at the school. When leaving a resume with a principal, a teacher should be sure to emphasize his or her masters degree in education.

Finally, a person should always make the best impression possible on a principal even if a school has not advertised any job openings. A professional resume is always a plus. Also, a teaching job candidate should dress professionally when inquiring for job openings in schools. A person never knows when he or she will talk with a principal or another member of a school’s administration. An enthusiastic teacher who has earned a masters of education is sure to linger in the mind of a school’s administration when a teaching position becomes available.