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How an Online MBA in Marketing Can Help Your Career

After the economy experienced a downturn, the ensuing flood of professionals who went back to school has made the world an even more competitive place for marketing minds. As the economy recover and jobs become available, an education is essential to compete with these professionals for the most desirable positions. Beyond that, a recently acquired online MBA exhibits to employers that a given professional is completely up on industry changes and has properly caught up with trends that will overtake outdated marketing practices.

Consider how Online MBA Programs have updated their curriculum to highlight new focuses on areas like Integrated Marketing Communications, that examine the marketing strategies both in the online and offline worlds. In-demand skills professionals should expect to gain from advanced degrees include knowledge of search engine optimization, podcasting, e-mail campaigns and pay-per-click advertising. By updating professional knowledge in these new technologies, those who are exploring MBA in Marketing graduate career options will find their options further broadened.

Top MBA Marketing Jobs and Careers

Some of the top MBA in Marketing graduate career options include work in these positions:

Public Relations Specialist:

Focusing on the public reputation of their clients, this professional has a major responsibility to manage the communications that occur between businesses and customers. Average Salary: $51,280

Market Research Analyst:

Perhaps the most important position in terms of harnessing public opinion, this professional conducts surveys in order to influence future marketing strategies to retain customers. Additional duties include monitoring the organizations’ competitors in terms of prices and marketing methods to compete effectively. Average Salary: $61,070

Advertising Manager:

Working for firms or companies most often, advertising managers oversee the promotional campaigns that are necessary to attract a client base. They provide the connective role between sales staff and creatives in order to provide the best strategy to gain new customers and keep up established customer bases. Average Salary: $80,220

Marketing Manager:

Somebody has to take charge of finding new markets in the overall business strategy, and that’s where the marketing manager comes into play. By watching trends, they provide companies with the best possible understanding of how customers’ demands change to keep the company’s profits high by recognizing new products and services to satisfy customers. Average Salary: $108,580

As technology forces businesses to readdress the way they connect to customers, MBA in Marketing graduate career options will become available to those who are most up-to-date with the trends in their own industry.