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High School Principal & Administrators Salary & Career Guide

High School Principal & Administrator Job Description

School Principals & Administrator supervise the educational building staff, evaluate and recommend individuals for continuing and new contracts, establish educational goals, and assist in the development of the learning curriculum. School administrators and principals primary goal is the education and safety of both the students and staff in their building. A Masters or Doctorate Educational Administration Degree allows the recipient to work at any grade level within the school district. Leadership and supervision are the primary duties of a building principal from early elementary to the senior high school grade level.

School Administration Job Responsibilities & Duties

Principals are also required to spend time after regular school hours attending school board of education meetings and school extracurricular activities. School administrators also handle discipline problems and suspension when students commit infractions against the school rules. Administrators and principals also work in conjunction with law enforcement and social services when criminal activity or suspected child abuse cases arise. The monitoring of school building expenses, approving purchase orders, and ensuring staff completes state mandated continuing education classes are also routine duties of a school building administrator or principal.

School Administration Salaries & Career Outlook

The following is a list of the various School Administration Careers and corresponding salaries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  • School Administrators and Principals salaries averaged $77,740 annually in spring 2006.
  • Educational Administrators in early childhood care centers averaged $37,740 per year.
  • High School Administrators earn $92,965 on average each year.
  • Middle School Administrators salaries can range from $55,ooo to as much as $121,000.
  • Elementary School  Principals routinely earn $82,414 per year.
  • Assistant School Principals & Vice Principals earn between $67,735 and $75,121 depending upon the building grade level.
  • Preschool, and Day Care Administrator salaries range from $25,910 to $77,150

Jobs for Principals & School Administrators

Students in Educational Administrator programs of advanced study don’t actually have specialized areas of study related to grade level or subject matter. Most potential administrators confer with either their current employing school district or potential employer for guidance when scheduling coursework. Depending upon the tone and type of the school, specialized classes, such as foreign language, diversity in leadership, alternative forms of discipline, or related supervisory courses are recommended in addition to the core degree requirements.

Listed below are samplings of typical job categories for education administrators:

  • Elementary School Principal
  • Middle School Principal
  • High School Principal
  • Special Programs Administrator
  • Dean of Students
  • Assistant Principal
  • Early Childhood or Preschool Administrator
  • Vocational School Principal
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Public Relations Administrator
  • District Grant Writer
  • Employee Training Specialist
  • AASA- American Association of School Administrators
  • NAESP- National Association of Elementary School Principals
  • NEA – National Education Association
  • NSBA – National School Boards Association
  • NASSP – National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • ED – Government Listing of the most popular Education Associations
  • PP – The Principals Partnership
  • ACSA – Association of California School Administrators
  • MESPA – Members of the National Association of Elementary School Principals
  • ASC – Association for Supervision and Curriculum
  • NMSA – National Middle School Association
  • NREA – National Rural Education  Association
  • NAEOP – National Association of Education Office Professionals
  • NASPAA - National Assocaiton of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration
  • ASPA – American Society for Public Administration

Educational Requirements for Principals & School Administrators

All school administrators or principals must obtain a degree of higher education, which commonly takes between two and five years for completion. A Doctorate of Education Degree can take up to seven years to accomplish all course components. Courses typically required for an administrative degree include methods in education, administration of personnel, public policy, ethics, instructional supervision, facilities management, Leadership theory, applied regression methods, diversity analysis, and governmental finance. Most medium to large universities offer Masters and Doctorate Educational Administrator Degree programs. Some state require an minimum number of years working in the field of education, in addition to holding a Bachelors Degree in Education prior to gaining admission to an advanced degree program.