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Executive MBA Careers & Salary Guide

The executive MBA and the master of Business Administration may be essentially the same degree but there are aspects which make them different. The MBA for executives is designed to introduce students to all of the different aspects of business. This is done within an environment in which students and faculty can challenge each other while exchanging different ideas. Students who enter into the online executive MBA program come from a variety of backgrounds but each of them possess the experience from years of working, usually in management, in a business environment. Students expand their perspective and knowledge while developing a broader business sense from courses which focus on strategy, leadership, and analysis. Students can take executive MBA courses in a traditional classroom or pursue online executive MBA programs. Office Manager

An office manager may find themselves in a high-pressure environment or working a 40 hour a week job. They have a great ability to multi-task as well as manage a group of various personalities. They work in a structured environment and have duties which are clearly defined. This career is best suited for a professional with strong interpersonal, financial, and organizational skills. They must be firm in order to ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently in order to meet the needs of the organization. Maintaining a high-level of productivity from employees is important in this position as well as being able to communicate with executive management and business owners. On average, the annual income for office managers with experience is between $36,200 and $65,500. After earning an executive MBA online and moving to executive MBA jobs within this field, the annual salary will show a significant increase.

Information Technology

Professionals in Information Technology work on designing information systems, which will be implemented to meet the goals, objectives, and needs of their organization. They define design features, establish a basic structure to systems, and provide the framework in which developers will follow. The systems manager and IT architect participate in assessing servers, designing load balance, infrastructure sizing, and defining requirements meeting architecture standards. Often times they also prepare design documentation as well. IT professionals in the 75th percentile, earn an average annual income of around $127,800. With an advanced degree and promotion to executive MBA jobs levels, there is also an increase in salary.

Finance Manager

Almost every government agency, private firm, and public organization has jobs for executive MBA graduates who are finance managers. They oversee many activities which include long-range plans, the development of financial procedures, the preparation of financial reports, and the direction of investments to meet organizational objectives. They also manage and direct the budget process for their organization. They must be able to forecast expenditures and revenue prior to allocating resources and determining needs and communicate this information to department heads. Monitoring finance reports to help prevent loss is another responsibility of financial managers. The middle 50% of financial managers earn between $73,500 and $138,000 per year. In general, those with an advanced degree will see an increase in salary.

Marketing Manager

The role of marketing managers varies depending on the company size or the industry. In many cases, these professionals work to understand consumer demand so they can work to increase sales. They supervise other marketing staff as well as oversee marketing activities within the organization. Developing campaigns for marketing, analyzing the performance of the campaign and using the results as a base to make recommendations for improvements are included among the duties of these professionals. They also report and plan other activities, work in public relations, have knowledge of search engine optimization, and supervise trade shows. On average, salaries for marketing managers are between $78,300 and $149,300. The big salaries usually go to managers with years of experience and an advanced degree.

Human Resource Manager

The administering of benefits and compensation policies is the responsibility of a human resource manager. They serve as a link between employees and management within the organization. They provide answers to questions about corporate policies, job descriptions, pay, benefits, and vacations. They recruit and hire new employees as well as provide training and orientation programs. They often participate in strategy and planning as well as execute the objectives of the organization and relate these objectives to personnel. Experienced human resource managers earn between $74,400 and $127,200 annually and human resource managing jobs for executive MBA graduates will provide a bigger annual salary. There are many opportunities available for executive MBA jobs whether an executive MBA online degree is or a traditional degree is pursued.