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Engineering Salaries

Engineers use their analytical skills and imaginations to invent, build, and design things that make a difference. They have independent minds, work as a team, and turn their ideas into objects that matter. They explore and design environmental controls, computers, and cars among many other things. The salaries of engineers vary and are determined by various factors. Continue reading to learn the income potential of different types of engineers.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers typically work on government and public projects. In recent years this occupation has been divided into different fields which mean the civil engineer salary will vary accordingly. A civil engineer salary will be determined by the ability to perform tasks although the average salary is about $75,000 annually. With more experience the salary tends to be increased and those who are highly experienced will have a civil engineer salary that can be upwards of $120,000 each year.

Electrical Engineering

This career is among the top five as far as pay is concerned. The reason for the high electrical engineer salary is because it is in high demand. They do not focus only on automation and computer electronics but they focus on many other areas including communication electronics, green energy, military, and medical technology. These fields continuously evolve and due to heavy involvement of electronic applications and embedded electronics there will always be a need for competent electrical engineers. The electrical engineer salary for those just starting is around $55,000 and with more experience the electrical engineer salary could increase to $106,000. There are various opportunities that could increase the engineer salary to over $125,000.

Mechanical Engineering

The engineer salary for mechanical engineers will also vary depending on the years of experience from working in the career field, further education, type of work, and qualifications. The average of the mechanical engineering salary is in the vicinity of $66,000 annually. With further education the mechanical engineering salary can increase to $90,000 a year but the work is tough. Most mechanical engineers are working at least 40, if not more, hours per week. The mechanical engineering salary will also be determined according to the geographical location and the job’s nature.

Computer Engineering

Those working in this field maintain and program hardware and software programs found on computers. This type of work requires particular abilities and most engineers must have a computer science degree. The degree earned will affect the engineer salary. This career offers a lot of room for advancement and growth and the computer engineer salary will vary depending on various factors such as location, organization, and experience level. On average the computer engineer salary is about $50,000 to $80,000 per year. This includes profit-sharing, commission, and bonuses. Certain organizations have a higher computer engineer salary such as Cisco Systems Inc., who pay between $60,000 and $104,000.

Fire Protection Engineering

Becoming a fire protection engineer means there is a competitive income provided as well. Those working in this field in 2009 were making $110,500 on average. Those who have six years or less of experience and held a bachelor’s degree averaged $68,700 yearly. Those with the same experience with a Master’s degree were averaging $78,000 a year. Those in senior-level positions can average $120,000 or more annually. Fire protection engineers are also provided with many great benefits such as dental, medical, retirement plans, bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and accounts for flexible spending.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers are also highly compensated. They hold skills that are unique and high in demand. The high earnings belong to engineers working in the petroleum industry. On average they bring in about $114,000 a year and those in the top 10 percent are earning $166,000 or more. Those in nuclear engineering are making around $99,000, computer hardware engineers make around $98,000 and aerospace engineers are making $97,000 per year on average. There are various factors that will determine the annual salary such as education, experience, organization, and geographical location.

Chemical Engineering

It is possible for chemical engineers to make good money right after graduating but experience and higher education will likely double their salary. One year of experience can earn a chemical engineer between $51,000 and $66,000 per year. Those with one to four years of experience average between $56,000 and $70,000 annually. Ten to nineteen years of experience could increase the chemical engineering salary to $84,000 and for those with 20 or more years of experience, up to $126,000 or more per year.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers oversee the layout of production, office, and equipment facilities. They conduct studies in those operations to increase spatial utilization and work flow. In most cases a bachelor’s degree in engineering is required as well as 8 years of experience in a related filed. They perform various complicated tasks and generally manage other engineers. On average, industrial engineers in management positions earn over $78,000 per year. Level of experience, organization, education, and geographical location will also determine whether or not there is an increase in the average salary range.