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Computer Science Salaries

Computer science careers require a professional who can think in both concrete and abstract terms. It is a discipline spanning between practice and theory. Almost everyone uses a computer and many of those people are programmers. The ability to get a computer to do what is expected requires hands-on training but it’s also a science. A computer scientist has to be able to analyze and model problems. They design solutions and then they verify their correctness. Computer science is a career that requires creativity, careful reasoning, and precision. Computer science has various fields each having certain characteristics and different salaries. Continue reading to learn more about computer science careers.

Database Management

Specialists in database management systems analyze, enhance, and plan how data is accessed and stored in an organizations information system. They need to be able to fully understand the databases’ platforms as well as troubleshoot problems. Database management is relied on by organizations to keep their databases running, ensure security of information, and add users to the system. They also protect computer systems from security threats and viruses. In order to succeed in this career a person needs to be able to work well as part of a team and enjoy solving various computer related problems. They must also have technical skills, communicate effectively, and be able to multi-task. The database management computer science job salary was between $75,700 and $86,600 in 2010. Those who held top positions averaged $115,600 per year.

IT Project Management

IT project managers make sure that complex projects in information technology are completed in a timely fashion, stay under budget, and adhere to specifications. IT project managers coordinate and plan the efforts of the internal team members, consultants, and various contractors to complete projects successfully. The computer science salary of IT project managers is just over $120,000 annually on average. The project management career path can help launch positions as CIO’s and CTO’s which could increase computer science salaries to more than $250,000 per year.

Computer Networking

Management professionals in computer networking monitor, maintain, and setup the data in communications systems. They cover a wide area and local networks, e-mail systems, data security, and intranets. They work in various industries and command high computer science salaries. A computer science degree salary for those in entry-level positions with up to two years of work experience can range between $39,000 and almost $65,000 per year. The computer science salary for those with between two and five years of work experience is just over $63,300 annually. Computer science salaries for those professionals holding the top management positions and have ten or more years of experience can expect to make between $77,000 and $99,000 per year.

Cloud Computing

The foundation behind cloud computing is to simplify the lives of technology users as well as save money. With cloud computing, computer systems come together and share IT infrastructures. This enables solutions, services, and products to be consumed and accessed, via the internet, through the use of a subscription. This will be a positive thing as streamlining can cut costs with automation, virtualization, and simplification of setting up software. This helps free up funds which can be used in other areas of internet technology to hire more computer science personnel. As the use of cloud computing increases, IT services may be shifted to systems design or other related firms. In computer systems designs or related computer science careers, a professional can expect to earn an average annual salary of at least $40,000. The exact field, education, geographical location, and experience level will be the determining factor in how much of an increase in income a person can expect to see.

Web Application Development

A developer of web applications is an engineer or software designer who helps design and develops network and web applications. Web application developers work in various types and sizes of organizations. Some professionals also work as freelancers. This can be a rewarding career that offers job security and job satisfaction. The benefits and computer science job salary for web application developers are excellent as well. The computer science job salary for web application developers can range between almost $67,000 and over $70,000 per year on average. A computer science degree salary for those holding entry-level positions may be less annually, and more for those in higher positions having more work experience. Those working on a freelance basis have the potential to earn a higher computer science salary as well. Geographical location, organization the professional works for, experience, and education all play a role in a computer science degree salary.

Computer Programming

The creation of programs which are essential for any computer to operate lies in the hands and minds of computer programmers. These professionals change software programs into formats that the machine recognizes. They use computer language such as C++, Java, and Python, which are among the most used computer languages in the computer science industry. On average, the annual salary for computer programmers is about $69,600. Those in entry-level positions average just over $40,000 per year and those holding higher positions and having more experience, can expect to average over $111,000 per year.