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BSN Salary

Looking at the differences between RN and online RN to BSN programs shows the variety in salaries for those who earn a BSN. RN to BSN salary differences can be fairly significant and depend on education, experience, geographic location, and employer. Nurses are not required to have a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) in order to work in the field. In fact, instead of enrolling in an accelerated BSN program, many nurses begin their careers as registered nurses (RNs). After earning an associate degree, these RNs take a licensing exam and can then begin working in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that RNs on the lower-end of the scale may make around $43,000 a year. Average or median salaries can be around $62,000. By getting a BSN degree, however, this salary can significantly increase.

Nurses Employed By The Government

Where nurses choose to use to use the skills learned through their accelerated BSN program, this will also factor into their total BSN salary. The federal government and the military tend to pay more than private sector jobs, a fact nurses may want to consider when thinking about online RN to BSN programs and specialties. In fact, USA Today reports that nurses employed by the federal government may make $10,000 more than a private sector RN. BSN graduates in the military earn a salary that depends on their rank and the amount of time that they have been enrolled. Military compensation also includes bonuses not found in the private sector, such as allowances for housing and food. Incentives that make many nurses quickly appreciate the value of RN to BSN online options.

Private Sector Nurses

Those who get a BSN degree tend to make more money working in hospitals than working for physician’s office. In a physician’s office, a nurse will usually see multiple patients every day. These nurses, however, do not work at the same frenetic pace as those who work in hospital settings do. Nurses who have completed an RN to BSN online; however, and who have a few years of experience can still make more than $60,000 working for a doctor’s office.

Hospitals have to provide patients 24-hour care. RN to BSN online programs indicate that nurses are constantly required to perform physically demanding work, and deal with an influx of patients and various situations in a single shift. In fact, nurses who work in critical care have to treat patients with life-threatening problems and provide lifesaving interventions. These nurses often work in hospital emergency rooms, cardiac care units, and pediatric intensive care units. Areas that require nurses to devote long hours while remaining calm and productive. While working ER or ICU shifts, nurses often make a higher rate per hour than a floor RN. BSN graduates can also earn more by working night shifts, working during holidays, and working overtime. Nurses who have completed RN to BSN programs online and gotten certification in critical care nursing could make over $70,000 a year, which translates to more than $30 an hour.

Gender Differences

There has been much debate about whether male nurses have a higher BSN salary than female nurses when education and experience are the same. There does seem to be some truth to this rumor, but this is mainly because men who enter nursing are more likely to get a BSN. RN to BSN degrees offer men access to higher starting salaries. After finishing up with RN to BSN online programs, men are more likely to use this BSN degree as a stepping stone to getting a master’s degree and becoming an advanced practice nurse (APN). Depending on specialty, APNs can make well over $100,000 a year.

Location Matters

After finishingonline RN to BSN programs, nurses may want to consider moving to take advantage of higher salaries. Nurses working in urban areas tend to earn more; this is not just due to higher costs of living but also reflects the need to have a greater concentration of well-trained nurses on staff. For instance, hospitals in New York City will see lots more patients on a daily basis than a rural hospital in Arkansas. In fact, the differences in pay could be more than $20,000 for an RN. BSN salaries are among the highest for nurses working in Alaska, California, and Hawaii. These income numbers apply to those who have completed an RN to BSN, online or through traditional accelerated BSN courses. Those who work in rural areas or small towns within the state, however, will usually make less than nurses employed in large cities and major metropolitan areas. The actual amount earned may also depend on the scale of the facility. A hospital that is part of a hospital system is likely to offer a higher BSN salary than an independent hospital.