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Accounting Careers

Any time money changes hands, someone has to keep track of it. People balance their checkbooks at home, and businesses, governments, banks, and charities have to have someone keeping tabs on where the money is going. Documenting spending, monitoring cash flow, and making sure the taxes are paid can be a complicated matter, especially as the enterprise grows. Those in accounting careers are specially trained to deal with all aspects of the flow of money. While this may sound like just adding up long columns of numbers, an accounting career is actually a very fulfilling way to earn a living. Not only do accountants help people and businesses, but careers in accounting are always in high demand and are well paying.

Forensic Accounting

The word “forensic” means “suitable for use in a court of law.” Forensic evidence, as anyone who watches many of the crime television shows in recent years will know, includes things like fingerprints, DNA, and fibers from clothing. Forensic accounting is the branch of accounting which looks through financial accounts looking for evidence that can be presented in court. This is a newer accounting career path, and can have several subspecialties.

Those who are interested in a career in accounting as well as law enforcement can work with police agencies to document criminal behavior and find stolen or embezzled money. Large corporations also hire forensic accountants to look through internal accounts. They can also be involved in insurance, bankruptcy, securities fraud investigations, and audits. Accounting careers can touch the lives of thousands in these ways. Click below for more forensic accounting career information.

Certified Public Accountant

Most people looking into accounting careers will be looking into becoming a certified public accountant, of CPA. A CPA not only has a college degree, but has also passed a national certification test and has met a number of other requirements. In many areas, an accountant career requires the person to become a CPA in order to be qualified for the position. Some states even refuse to allow a person to call themselves an accountant if they haven’t become a CPA.

A CPA can do almost any job in an accounting career path. A CPA is qualified to hire himself out to the public to perform any job related to the measuring and tracking of money. They can provide audits for companies and businesses. They can help people do estate, retirement, and investment planning. Sometimes CPAs work for one specific company in the accounting department. Most chief financial officers of large corporations are CPAs. As a CPA, a career in accounting has limitless possibilities. The national and state associations of CPAs have much more accounting career information.

Tax Accountant

Every spring as tax season rolls around, millions of people need help preparing their federal and state income tax forms. Since nothing is as certain in life as death and taxes, a tax accountant career is as close to a guaranteed area of constant employment as you can come. Some tax accountants work for companies whose sole purpose is to help taxpayers with their forms, while others work independently. Many independent accountants also act as their clients’ tax accountant, though they work in other areas. Almost everyone with a tax accountant career is required to be a CPA.

Companies, large and small, pay taxes as well. Some corporations keep accountants on file whose job is just to work with taxes. Of course, governments also need tax accountants to keep track of the taxes they are receiving. Thus a tax accounting career can be year-round employment. For more information about careers in accounting, salaries, and duties, click on the link below.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the accounting career path which has to do with providing verifiable financial information to others. For example, corporations need financial accountants to provide current and correct information about the company’s performance to stockholders and inventors. This information would also be used when dealing with lenders or creditors. Careers in accounting are often high profile. This means that careers in accounting are often high profile.

An important aspect of financial accounting is auditing. While some very large corporation have in-house auditors, many companies and even government agencies hire auditors to come in and inspect the financial dealings of the organization. These accountants play an important role in insuring the proper use of taxpayer money and the integrity of leading businesses. For more auditing and accounting career information, visit the following link.

Accounting Manager

Where a financial accountant provides financial information for those outside the company, someone with a management accounting career helps companies make informed decisions about the direction a business will take. They must be able to analyze the financial data and help monitor and control spending for all parts of the business. Of course, the managers of the accounting departments of these businesses must have a background in accounting themselves. Thus a career in accounting can have a vital impact on business.