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Public Administration, Political Science & Law Careers

Public Administration, Political Science, & Law Overview

Colleges and Universities are responding to the great need for professionals in the fields of Public Administration, Political Science, and Law. There are and increasing number of programs and specializations that exist to help professionals advance to high levels in government and other positions in the public sector.

Students Who Want to Make a Difference can Pursue an MPA

Whether people want to improve their communities or the nation as a whole, a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) degree program may be able to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to provoke change. With an MPA, graduates can go on to work in multiple areas – something Margaret Henderson, the director of the Public […]

Becoming a City Manager

Working at local, state or federal levels of government is a fairly common career path for those who have graduated with a master’s of public administration. Since this field is extraordinarily wide, MPP program graduates or current students with an interest in government employment may find it best to concentrate their studies or job search on […]

A Guide to Masters of Public Administration Jobs & Salaries

Careers in public administration involve the development, implementation and management of public and government policies. People who choose public administration as a career will find that there are a variety of paths that can be pursued for employment. This is particularly true for people who hold a public administration degree, such as a masters degree. […]

What is the Difference Between Public Management and Public Administration?

As you explore the field of public administration,you may find the terms, public management and public administrationused interchangeably. Nevertheless, are these terms interchangeable? If not, then what is the difference between public management and public administration?Is there enough difference to make it a consideration in choosing your field of study in preparation forpublic administration jobs?On the […]

What is the Role of Chief Staff in Public Administration?

When you hear of anyone discussing a chief of staff position, your thoughts may automatically turn to the White House chief of staff position. However, there are also chief of staff positions available in public administration and public works administration. While specific job requirements will vary according to the agency, institution, or organization you are […]

What is Public Administration?

Have you ever listened to community forums or public hearings and thought your ideas could help your local community or government work better? Do you have ideas for services, or programs that would meet a need in your local area or state? If so, then a career in public administrationmightbe your key to finding public […]