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Engineering, Planning & Operations Careers

Top Engineering Occupations

If there could be such a thing as a recession proof profession, it would have to be the field of engineering. Forbes magazine recently reported that the top four highest ranked majors for individuals with less than five years’ experience are all within the engineering field. Although some may think of engineers as those involved […]

Engineering Jobs

Those holding engineering jobs use earth elements such as cement, asphalt, and rock to design roads. They use glass, steel, and brick to build buildings. They use composite materials, aluminum, and wood to build jets, airplanes, and cars. They create artificial organs and body parts to help solve medical problems. Engineers use artificial, as well […]

Engineering Salaries

Engineers use their analytical skills and imaginations to invent, build, and design things that make a difference. They have independent minds, work as a team, and turn their ideas into objects that matter. They explore and design environmental controls, computers, and cars among many other things. The salaries of engineers vary and are determined by […]

Engineering Careers

Engineers are inventors, project planners, mathematicians, and scientists combined. They take and apply information from a variety of fields to solve problems. Almost everything that a person uses on any given day was likely designed by an engineer. This includes automobiles, traffic lights, cell phones, computer monitors, airplanes, and web browser. Engineering includes a variety […]