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Education Careers

Education Overview

Educating children and adults takes passion, patience, skills, and dedication. Today, teachers with advanced degrees including Master’s and PhD’s are highly sought after in specialized fields such as Technology, Special Education, Music, Art, Science, History, and more.

K-12 School Teacher Career Resources

Certified K-12 teachers, especially those with a Masters in Education instruct students in the core subjects of math, reading, science, social studies, and language arts. Elementary school teachers teach all subjects in the youngest grade levels, and often team-teach or specialize in only one subject for the older elementary school students. Middle school teachers routinely specialize […]

High School Principal & Administrators Salary & Career Guide

High School Principal & Administrator Job Description School Principals & Administrator supervise the educational building staff, evaluate and recommend individuals for continuing and new contracts, establish educational goals, and assist in the development of the learning curriculum. School administrators and principals primary goal is the education and safety of both the students and staff in […]

How to Find a Teaching Job with a Masters in Education

Someone who has earned a masters in education has taken a big step to improving his or her value in the teaching profession. Students who are taught by a teacher with a masters degree in education are receiving an education from a skilled, prepared professional. Once a person has graduated, he or she may wonder […]

The Benefits of Pursuing a Masters in Teaching

The master of arts in teaching (MAT) is a pre-service teaching degree, which combines graduate-level work in the teaching field with education courses, in addition to internship requirements under the mentorship of trained teachers. The masters in teaching degree differs from the masters in education degree, in that the MED is intended for practicing teachers who […]

Art Teacher Career & Salary Resources

Art Teacher Career Overview Art teachers offer arts education at various educational levels. Though many art teachers who have obtained their masters in education degree work in the traditional classroom environment, others work in prisons, hospitals, or retirement homes. Art teachers work to develop artistic skills and appreciation in their students through a combination of theory and […]

Music Teacher Career & Salary Guide

Music Teacher Career Overview Music teachers combine educational and artistic skills to teach music to students of all ages. Using a combination of theory and hands-on practice, music teachers provide instruction on a wide range of music-related topics from vocal theory to guitar to music history. Music teachers work in environments including the traditional classroom […]

Child Abuse Resource Guide for Teachers

When studying for your masters in education, you probably took classes or completed outside coursework on child abuse. However, just like with any aspect of teaching, facing the problem is far different than reading about it. When you first suspect that child abuse has occurred to one of your students, your immediate response may be to […]

History of the Masters in Education Degree

Brief History of the Master’s Degree The history of the Master’s degree in education dates back to the High Middle Ages, roughly the 13th century. Students would move through a proscribed course of study – similar in principle to the present day bachelor’s degree, licentiate, master’s degree, and doctoral degree. Today, the doctor’s degree is more desired […]

No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) Resource Guide

What is the No Child Left Behind Act? President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001January 8, 2002.The purpose of this act was to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to receive a high quality education and to reach a minimum proficiency on state standardized testing. All […]