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Criminal Justice Careers

Criminal Justice Overview

Criminal justice professionals work in the public and private sectors at every level, from local police departments to the federal government. Colleges and universities are offering a variety of criminal justice options for their students to specially prepare them for all fields in this growing industry.

Criminal Justice Colleges: New York

Criminal justice is a huge career field that includes all of those who dedicate themselves to apprehending, prosecuting, defending, rehabilitating, and detaining those who have broken the law. Throughout the United States, there are many institutions devoted to training interested students to become effective workers and researchers in the criminal justice system. Some of the […]

Criminal Justice Schools: California

Students interested in earning a criminal justice degree are most likely seriously considering attending a traditional university program in the subject in California or enrolling in one of the many Internet-based criminal justice schools in California. California criminal justice instructors and officials have a ton of practical experience in the subject. Criminal justice colleges in […]

Criminal Justice Colleges: Texas

In terms of population, the state of Texas ranks second in the United States. When it comes to geographical size, Texas is the largest state in the continental U.S.A. Given the immensity of the state, there is a great need for people to work in the field of criminal justice in Texas to keep order, […]

Criminal Justice Schools: Florida

Florida is known for its beaches, sunny weather, citrus fruit, and top-notch tourist destinations. Yet as Florida is also home to several large cities that, like the cities in every other state, must deal with apprehending, prosecuting, defending, and rehabilitating criminals. Thus, there is also great need in Florida for quality criminal justice training in […]

Criminal Justice Careers for Women

Law enforcement and many other criminal justice careers have traditionally been male dominated professions. In recent decades, however, the number of women in the criminal justice system has noticeably started to increase. According to the Women in Law Enforcement, 1987-2008 study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics there were about 100,000 female officers in 2008 […]

Criminal Justice Salary Information

Workers in the criminal justice field are responsible for preventing crime, punishing those convicted of crimes, and rehabilitating offenders. There are a variety of positions available, but obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree is one of the best ways to qualify for a higher starting salary. People with degrees earn the highest criminal justice salaries, […]

Law Enforcement Career Guide

When considering a career path, there are several important factors that most people take into consideration. This typically includes the types of jobs that are available and the occupational outlook for these jobs. Unfortunately, what is considered a stable occupation today, may not be stable in the future. There are however, certain occupations, such as […]

Careers with Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal justice degree jobs are highly exciting, rewarding, and rapidly growing. Education is a key factor in finding placement in the competitive world of law enforcement. Whether you are a graduate of Accounting, Communications, Social Sciences, or Criminology – or anything in-between – there are a vast amount of jobs with a criminal justice degree. […]

Jobs with Criminal Justice Degrees

A criminal justice degree provides graduates multiple career options in the fields of law enforcement, probation, corrections, or private investigations. Criminal justice jobs include positions as police and sheriff’s officers, crime scene investigators, correctional officers, FBI agents, crime analysts, or probation officers. Jobs in the criminal justice field offer solid pay, medical benefits, and a […]

The Criminal Justice System & Criminal Justice Jobs

The criminal justice system is complex because it requires many different types of professionals in order to prevent crime, find criminals, prosecute criminals, detain criminals, conduct investigations, rehabilitate imprisoned and released offenders, and much more. There are many components of the criminal justice system and many ways to divide it into sub-fields. Many people, however, […]