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Accounting & Finance Careers

Accounting & Finance Overview

Accounting and Finance professionals that are skilled in best business practices, accounting functions, and financial forecasting are in high demand. Colleges and universities are responding to the increased need for highly skilled professionals in the field by offering an array of courses and degree options.

Is a Masters Degree in Forensic Accounting Worth the Investment

Forensic Accounting is a new sub-specialty of accounting that integrates auditing, accounting, and investigative skills to provide an accounting that holds up as expert evidence in court disputes. As a forensic accountant, your accounting and financial skills will be used to carry out forensic investigations examining financial records to be presented in a court of […]

Should I Get a Masters Degree in Accounting or Finance

Though it may seem that accounting and financing are the same, there are significant differences. When exploring career options it is important to understand these differences before deciding if a masters in Accounting or a masters in Finance is right for your career vision and goals. While finance and accounting are connected, the differences are […]

Tax Accounting

A tax accountant helps businesses or individuals organize, analyze, and file their taxes. The modern tax system is highly complex and is designed to provide incentives to individuals and businesses to act in a certain way. For example, someone who contributes money to charity will pay less tax. Tax accountants use these incentives to the […]

Internal Auditing

If you are considering a degree in accounting, you may be considering internal audit jobs. This work allows you to work with one company and look at the accounts of different branches and sections of the company. Internal auditing is an essential part of every major corporation. The job market for internal auditors is good, […]

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a great career field to enter. There is always a need for accountants, and many businesses rely on them to help them stay profitable. You can receive a financial accounting degree from most universities. There are additional financial accounting programs that offer a masters or an MBA for people interested in earning […]

Cost Accounting

While cost accounting and financial accounting are often used interchangeably by outside investors, financial accounting includes all assets and liabilities within a company to measure financial performance. Financial accounting is an assessment and report done for creditors, investors, or regulatory agencies. A cost accounting system tracks the cost of production or the cost of doing […]

What Careers Can You Have With a Masters Degree in Accounting

A Master’s degree in accounting opens the doors to job and career opportunities in a number of fields. All business ventures and organizations have a need for professional accountants and while there are job opportunities in accounting for those with undergraduate degrees, for those who purse a Master’s degree in accounting there is opportunity for […]

Accounting Careers

Any time money changes hands, someone has to keep track of it. People balance their checkbooks at home, and businesses, governments, banks, and charities have to have someone keeping tabs on where the money is going. Documenting spending, monitoring cash flow, and making sure the taxes are paid can be a complicated matter, especially as […]

Accounting Salaries

Accountants are responsible for keeping track of financial information for companies, government agencies and other organizations. Accounting salaries differ by level of education, the organization an accountant works for and its location. For instance, an accounting salary in a metropolitan region is typically higher than in a rural area. Within a company, people that need […]